Comments for Disney World Cast Member Seen Throwing Straws at Guests

whispering canyon cafe waiter


  1. Bill Legg

    Speaking of clowns….there’s a person so frightened to use their name or to actually read the article. Crazy, I know!! Judging ppl before knowing the story. Reading really doesn’t hurt, I promise.

  2. Bill Legg

    Great job on this story. Some may have never known of the fun had. Now there is opportunity to not just sit and eat but to add a side of laughter to their day. Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. Rob

    My family and I ate there for the first time this summer. I never realized what we were missing. We will definitely go back.

  4. Paul

    Just read the title – I hope they fired this person immediately as they DO NOT represent the Walt Disney company!

    1. Marie

      They’re supposed to do that at Whispering Canyon…they’re supposed to be “rude” in a fun way…

    2. Read the story not just the title. The server was doing an awesome job!!

      1. Paul

        Wait, was the story something different than what the title implied? I’m confused now

    3. Chris

      Dont ever come back here. Eat a bag of $hit instead.

    4. Karen Druszczak

      Back in the day when they had cloth napkins, cast members made napkin hats for us to wear. My family will always remember the laughs and fun.

  5. We ate there for lunch last week and had an awesome time. I don’t remember his name, but we also had the straw server! LOL!!

    Also be careful not to ask for a drink refill as you will get the biggest glass you ever saw.

    So much fun!!!

    1. Gina

      True!! I was there for my 50th birthday. I received a two LITER of Dr. Pepper and many straws put together in a very large mason jar!! I received a cupcake for my birthday to which the waitress smashed my face in. Lol

  6. Will a. Everett

    We’ve eaten there quite a few times back when they had the squirt guns we had squirt gun fights with them it was fun. We have eaten there many times since and we’ll will go back again

  7. CarolineRN

    Whaaaat? I want to go there
    This is fun and very normal too. The title is a joke!
    The author is asking for drama. STOP!!
    Also you don’t have to tell us towards the end of your article not to worry, it was all in good fun.
    We could figure that out for ourselves.
    This is how it used to be before the 2000’s rolled in.

    Anyway, I’m so glad to see some good old normal fun here.

  8. Darlene McDaniel

    It’s so good to see that the waiters are back to their old shenanigans. I had read a year or so ago that some guests got angry and they toned it down a lot. It’s wonderful to see that it’s going back to normal. I mean the absolute Mayhem is why you go to that restaurant! If you want a quiet meal, then go somewhere else. But if you want raucus fun, then that’s the place to be. We ordered ketchup every time we went and it was so much fun to see the hilarity that ensued. Now if they would just bring back the bandanas!!!

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