Comments for Warner Bros. Seemingly Distancing From JK Rowling as Transphobia Controversy Builds


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  1. RobbieRa

    I think it’s worth it for us “norms” (the last thing I am) to be accepting and tolerant of all the gender hoopla going on, because if that’s what it takes to keep people with a difference that can make their lives burdened with being picked on and badly damaged from the tight wad brains of those who have to make something that has nothing to do with them a means of torment simply because there is something wrong with them to be so short-sighted. But it’s a two way street. There are so many differences between people that it is dangerous to embrace one group of misunderstood misfits in favor of attacking people, such as the patriarchy for example, or the rebellious individuals who often have bad habits and have been referred to being an inexplicable pronoun, wrong’uns. Are we going back to ’50’s? JK Rowlings is simply stating the base line, it’s a perspective! We all sound unreasonable sometimes.

    1. Ken

      I think part of it is choice of words..such as when you said “simply because there is something wrong with them”.

      1. RobbieRa

        More of a point of view than a choice of words.

      2. RobbieRa

        People become outraged and disrespectful toward trans genders because it it can be a knee-jerk response. There is something wrong with people who can’t take the time to think it through but instead take out their aggressions on those who are simply different.

        1. Ken

          Gotcha. Misunderstood what you meant thr first time. I agree

          1. RobbieRa


  2. Hire Johnny Depp and fire Amber Herd!

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