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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Deena

    Hoping the long EE refurb might get Betty working again.

  2. Donna

    How about streetmosphere, and citizen’s of main street. That is what made the MK a family place the minute you walked in. Removing that and the shows on streets at HS has really taken too much away for me.

  3. Rich

    Hoping My home equity line comes through so I can afford to visit.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Rich.
      A funny reply, however sad reality it is…
      Regardless of revenue source, hope you are able to go.

      1. Manny

        The biggest problem I see right now with Disney in general is that they are literally trying to recoup everything they lost in the parks during closures at the early part of the pandemic. Unfortunately for the consumer this is bad news unless we take action. Also if you look at Disney’ quarterly statements you will be able to see profitability that washes those losses away. Yet this is the problem with American companies in that growth outweighs everything else.

        Share holder equity is Disney’s main concern. They do not really care about customers, or least of all employees.

        I just got back from four days at Disneyland and it was not magical. We stayed at the California Adventure and paid a pretty premium and I will say it is an impressive resort with entrance into the park and walking distance to the other.

        Yet the level of frustration is infuriating at not being able to get on rides without more than hour wait. These wait times are actually being exacerbated by the Disney policy of allowing the lighting lanes queues to be emptied completely before allowing wait lines to move. So basically there periods of time the lines do not move at all.

        I spoke to a cast member who after some discussion said he and others are trying to help guests because they feel the direction of the company is taking away the magic. For example at night when tend to be less management around they will hold up LL to allow standing in wait lines to go faster. I applaud there min-rebellion.

        Also Disney had once again decided to save money by not calling back cast members who then went on to brighter horizons. Now most of the cast members are local which adds to its own problem of lack of diversity and more importantly lack of caring.

        The pandemic has only revealed the issues that were always there of the class system that is Ameriku. Add to the mix four years of reversals in race relations and we have anger that is festering on both sides while our elected officials just stir fear in a perpetual cycle to get themselves re-elected. I digress but Disney is just a microcosm of what is happening in America. If you cannot pay you do not play. This has to end but can only do so when 90% of the population bands together and says, “Enough”, as some cast members are trying to do.

  4. 3PawDogMom

    Hoping for the end of the mask requirement so I can come back to WDW. Currently spending my time at Universal.

    1. Ken Brenner

      I am an annual visitor (since 2007) and always stay in the park (Dolphin Hotel).
      I too will NOT return until ALL mask mandates end. I have no problem with people who want to wear them, just don’t make them mandatory.

      1. Kevin D.

        Are you Vaccinated with Booster? I went 8 times in 2020 before being vaccinated this past May 2021 and had no issues.

  5. Tamara Dowd

    I would like to see a full breakfast menu offered inside the parks once again for us late risers that don’t get a chance to eat at home. I really miss that .

  6. Ken Brenner

    Here is my wish list for 2022:
    1. END MASK MANDATES (see earlier comment for details)
    2. Find a way to return the Magic Kingdom train
    3. Don’t change Splash Mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Get rid of the sing along at Epcot’s France, and return the movie to being shown all day
    5. Get rid of Harmonious barges and return to the fireworks show Illuminations – Reflections of Earth. I realize that is not realistic, but at least move the barges our of sight during the day. They have completely ruined the beautiful look of the International Showcase…

  7. Michelle White

    I like to see Wild African Trek and the personal tours at AK return.

  8. JB

    Really hoping htey bring back some of the Animal Kingdom tours (Caring for giants, Wild Africa Trek, and Up close with Rhinos in particular) before we go in February. We began booking back when cases were dropping, but now I don’t think we’ll plan another trip until these return. They really make the difference for getting away from the crowds and still having something unique and fun to do without wait times.

  9. Kenr

    Wish List:

    1) End all mask mandates.
    2) A Magic Kingdom Night parade.
    3) Bring back Wishes with Athena original soundtrack and some new castle projections.
    4) Completely redo the Imagination Pavilion and the Figment ride into something worthwhile.
    5) Go back to “Old School” dark rides like the Haunted Mansion in stead of Half a Billion dollar rides that take half a decade to build.
    6) more gondola routes and new Monorails.

  10. J.

    Any word on the return of the dining plan?

    1. Manny

      Dining plan is returning as stated in a previous article and is being tested in EuroDisney first. Yet the changes being made are taking away from flexibility and increasing profitability.

      One being that character meals will be limited to one per stay. I guess this under the guise that certain guest hog up all the character dining meals during their stay.

      Before the pandemic I thought Disney was headed in the right direction with the enhanced sit down option but that is gone. We shall have to see but I do not really have hopes for the declining quality issues of the food and service.

      1. J.

        Thank you for the information Manny. It is sad to hear that the quality of the experience is going to be going down though. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed in a good many of Disney’s decisions in the last couple of years. The magic is really fading for me.

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