Universal Unveils Cryptic Message, Hints Halloween Event’s Return to Islands of Adventure

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halloween horror nights

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Universal Orlando Resort sure does know how to celebrate each holiday season, but one stands out above the rest.

Of course, the Christmas season is stunning, with all of the lights enchanting the streets of New York at Universal Studios and Grinchmas is in full effect at Islands of Adventure. On top of that, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter looks like a dream, fully lit up for the season.

IOA entry
Credit: Inside the Magic

Universal also puts on a spectacular Mardi Gras season with fabulous performances, food options, and a party-filled parade. But above all, Universal fans cannot get enough of Halloween Horror Nights. Halloween Horror Nights just celebrated its 30th year at Universal Orlando, with Jack the clown leading the pack. The event had a Beetlejuice house, Haunting of Hill House, Bride of Frankenstein, Wicked Growth, Puppet Theater house, and so many more.

halloween horror nights
Credit: Inside the Magic


Although the event primarily takes place at Universal Studios, in 2002, Islands of Adventure turned into Islands of Fear, and Halloween Horror Nights took place there. As Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights fandom states:

“Take a terrifying journey through your own worst fears as the Caretaker transforms Islands of Adventure into one disturbing, horrifying nightmare after another.”

In 2002, the event was moved from the Universal Studios park to its adjacent sister park, Islands of Adventure. The year’s houses revolved around the imaginations of Dr. Albert Caine, also known as The Caretaker. Dr. Caine would lure his victims to his Victorian Manor to operate on them and find their soul.

Notable Characters
Albert Caine- Formerly a surgeon and current caretaker of a funeral home, he became interested in the workings of the body and mind. He went on to do obscene experiments on the dead and living alike. In retaliation, a mob burned down his home, but he fled the scene through tunnels. With the aid of his true god, he infected the Islands with his darkness and created his own servants.

Kletus Kassidy- A former serial killer, he came across a strange symbiote from outer space and merged with it. In turn he became a far more menacing figure with few morally redeeming qualities. Albert Caine chose him as one of his servants and aided him in his alliance with the other Marvel Supervillains. With his hatred of the Marvel heroes, Albert ordered them to kill the heroes and take over their island.

The Treaks and Foons- Having a harder time turning the land of toons into darkness, Albert brought forth creatures who were neutered and made to smile all the time. The Treaks and Foons like to play pranks and have fun, but do not be fooled by them. They might have had a hand in creating a world where the fairy tales turned scary.

Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: Universal

Most recently, the Halloween Horror Nights (@HorrorNightsORL) Tweeted a photo of the 2002 HHN at Islands of Adventure.

we used to be a country. a proper country

The Twitter thread is now full of Horror Nights fans speculating that Universal is hinting at the return of Islands of Fear next year. Of course, this is not confirmed, but it is the second time that Islands of Adventure was mentioned by the account this week. Chef (@duh1011) Tweeted:

This is the second time this week they’ve mentioned islands

We likely would not have confirmation on HHN 31 for months, but these little easter eggs could potentially amount to something.

Would you want Islands of Adventure to once again join the Halloween Horror Nights world? 

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