Comments for Universal Attraction Moves Toward Reopening After 2 Years of Closure

Universal Orlando Resort

Image Credit: go.carolinas.aaa.com


  1. Quentin

    My wife and I actually were one of the last to go through the attraction. It also hasn’t been two years, until March or April of 2022. My visit was in March of 2020 and I live an hour away from the park. 👍

    1. Shabouka

      This boring attraction needs to be closed permanently why are they even bringing it back?

  2. Adam

    No. I don’t miss it. The effects and video in the attraction feel so dated. It is not on the level of other attractions at the Universal parks. It would be nice if they made some technological improvements to it during this downtime. I guess we will see…

  3. Jarvis

    The lost continent is an impressive area to me. It must have cost a lot so I’m looking forward to seeing the Poseidon show.

    Haters need to know how much rain and heat Florida gets so it’s important to have slower indoor attractions. Not everything has to be a monster thrill ride…sheesh.

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