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  1. Deb

    Disney has nothing to offer that would make me want to dump $3000 a night. Not even a night in the castle.

    1. Rog

      Correlation is not causation. How do you know people canceled, and instead more rooms opened up,?

      1. Brooke

        The hotel has limited capacity and Disney had proudly announced that the hotel was “sold out” March 1st thru Sept 1st.

        1. Brad

          Actually – the did not. They stated the first 3 months (March through May) were “essentially sold out.”

          1. Brooke

            They did so – they announced a few weeks ago in an update that they were officially sold out 3/1 through to 9/1. Several vloggers noted it as well.

      2. Nick

        In this case it appears to be linked. The sold out/fully booked status for the first few months was heavily touted so the newly announced vacancies/availability very strongly suggests cancellations or at least postponements.

        1. Brad

          It only takes one party to cancel for a “fully booked” voyage to suddenly show availability. I have been monitoring closely since the beginning, and contrary to what this article implies, some of the early dates have been sporadically appearing — and then promptly disappearing — from the very beginning. I did not notice any change in this pattern after the release of the much maligned video clip. Also note that the first few voyages that are already within the “pay-in-full” window are not available at all.

          1. Sprite

            Please note? The first few voyages are booked by videographers, PixieDusters and sheeple that feel Di$ney can do no wrong. They are rushing t o get a story on the tube because the early bird gets paid, it matters not if the story is positive Di$ney or Negative Di$ney, though the influencers are usually writing all the good things and ignore the bad things. Yes they are blind in one eye and can’t see out the other. It will take a couple weeks to clear these good-tdwo shoes out of the hotel before we will see honest reviews from guests who spent that crazy amount of money. as for bookings being vacated, more than one channel has verified that Di$ney is in panic mode because the guests are cancilling reservations. This might be a surprise to those who are fans of Di$ney Star Wars but most fans prefer Lucas Star Wars, a rather successful IP. Did you notice?
            All the disscent seemed to grow when Di$ney decided to scrap Lucas Star Wars and build their own Di$ney Star Wars. Seems the fan were not friendly to that idea. Well fans can talk with dollars, and they are screaming.

      3. Backcountry164

        That’s how rooms open up genius. If there was magically more space available somehow then there would have been more rooms available every day not just here and there. Usually when Something is painfully obvious you don’t have to look any further for the answer…

  2. Mo

    Huge miss – rather go to Hawaii – epic 5 to 7 days for same number

  3. R

    Boycott/Cancel your Disney+ Subscription. Bob Cheap(ek) only cares about subscriber “data” to beat Netflix, since it is a key aspect of his strategy as CEO. If you support Disney+ with a subscription, you support Bob Cheap(ek). Drop Disney+ and maybe Disney will drop Bob Cheap(ek). Fire Bob Chapek!

  4. Chris

    No lightsaber? No deal!

    1. Judi

      I agree!

    2. Deb

      Why a lightsaber deal? It should be included in the price.

  5. Samuel Rodriguez

    This starcruiser barely looks like star wars, the only thing that looks like sw is the death star style lights. The interior looks more like star trek. Expensive for a cheap fan made knock off star wars experience.

    1. Bob C.

      I know, when “Rise” is broken down it looks like what this hotel should have been. Just let people sleep in “Rise” over night lol.

  6. M

    Who didn’t see that coming?! Say it ain’t so?! #SaveSplashMountain

    1. Judi

      I’m a Star Wars fanatic who likes to RP but too little time and too much money is my reason.

  7. Brooke

    Ummm, correct me if I’m wrong but I just looked and the entire months of June, July, August and September are now available. LOL.

    1. Brad

      Well the month of June does have a few dates available (3 out of 15). However, June through September have always had availability, and were never touted as being “sold out.” So no real change there. It is the first three months (March through May) that were/are the sold out months.

      1. Backcountry164

        No real change. That pretty much says it all. Even if it’s not what your trying to say…

      2. Brooke

        Hi Bob – is that you? Or is this someone Bob has hired to save Disney’s PR disaster? No, all of the days are available now from June through the end of September. They were all grayed out/disabled prior to the disastrous ‘sneak peek’. LOL

      3. Sprite

        Gee, Di$ney was bragging that the Space Cruzr was sold out from March to September. You are a little off BRAD.
        Leave the commentsto the bigboys or are you another influencer? I think so.

  8. Chris B

    The die hard disney youtubers will be all over this when it opens and theyll fall in love with it regardless if it doesnt look good to the majority. The youtubers eat everything up thats Disney and give excuses for whats wrong with wherever they are at in the parks.

    1. Eric Johnson

      You are 100% correct. How many videos out there trying to justify Genie+ when 90% of people think it is crap. I wish they would stop encouraging bad behavior.

    2. Bob C.

      Actually top Disney YouTube content creators who are routinely invited to media events have already been posting videos criticizing this situation.

      1. Sprite

        That is true BOB C. It is a first for them to start pushing back, well softly. They don’t want to lose those Di$ney perks. They usually don’t complain about Di$ney raising prices either. They are just as big a partof the problem as Di$ney is

  9. Stephen

    The grand mistake was offering a sneak peek. Disney should have kept the mystery. Kept it exclusive like Club 33.

    1. Nick

      Stupidly has consequences. In this case, Disney was foolish enough to offer a sneak peek/preview and even more foolish to air one which does absolutely nothing to make the experience attractive or enticing.
      The first pictures of the hotel weren’t at all impressive and many (SW & Disney) fans were disappointed. Unfortunately, the video did nothing to change that.

  10. Evan

    I hope Disney will re-theme all the theme park Star Wars attractions to the original trilogy aesthetic. That classic Star Wars look is what the fans want.

    1. Anita

      I agree. I would pay the $6,000 if it was OG trilogy or inspired by. This looks sleek Star Trek. Or at least the option of themed rooms to satisfy old/ new demographics. Hard pass on this. Horrible moves such as this is why after many years of being a passholder is why I have not renewed.

    2. Sprite

      Don’t know if that can ever happen. Captain Karen (Kennedy) is pushing hard for no men in space,and garbage movies she has been in charge of. Di$ney has spent a ton of money to kill off Lucas StarWars,going so far asto kill off our stars Hans, Luke etc. Di$ney has dug a pretty deep hole andI don’t think they can climb out of that pit. The StarCruzr is theme simularly and I dont see much hope but you never know, we could be surprised…………NAH

  11. Tlaw

    The Rise of the Resistance (toward Chepak’s unrealistic pricing) has started…..

  12. Harold Nichols

    The reason we are seeing cancellations is that the date for full payment for the first voyages is approaching. As people evaluate their budgets, especially around Christmas, cancellations are to be expected.

  13. Way overpriced. For that amount of money, a very nice and longer vacation can be had in many other places.

  14. Terry

    Fire bob chapek change.org over 80k signatures so far

  15. Princess J

    My family of 4 is fully booked and ready to go! Our standard cabin for a voyage in March is $7126.00. (The $5999 ‘Voyage Total’ that is listed on the Disney Website is for a trips during the end of August, not during March.) We are looking forward to being some of the very first passengers and enjoying the fun and fantasy of Disney through this Star Wars lens.

  16. William S

    I have a paid in full reservation for my family of 5 that I’m on the verge of canceling. We love Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World and have been eagerly awaiting this hotel to finish construction and finally start taking reservations. Unfortunately, we have been so disappointed in what we have seen and heard so far. I just can’t wrap my head around it being worth the $7,800 I’ve dropped on it. I wish it was more like Blackspire Outpost in design and styling and priced like a boutique hotel (maybe $1000 per night) and not like a cruise at the $3,900 a night that we are paying.
    The more Disney charges, the higher the expectations of guests will be. I think that’s one reason people have been so critical of that mess of a promo video Disney put out and then immediately tried to disappear. I truly hope they will somehow get this fixed and provide an unforgettable (in a good way) experience. But I have my doubts.

  17. EricJ

    Okay, I knew the rooms were supposed to look like Disney Cruise cabins, because, duh, that’s the IDEA…

    And I knew the price would be $1200/nt., which was a relief, since the early pre-pandemic estimates were closer to $3000 for the package…

    So I’m not joining the “I don’t like it, and it’s expensive, so it’s flopping!” Internet smear campaign, however…in saving my Stimulus checks for two years, I forgot that cruise cabins are priced for two people, and one traveler STILL pays $4800.
    I’m still giving them the creative benefit of the doubt, but had to cancel.

    1. Sprite

      Good for you

  18. Bernard

    “ So I’m not joining the “I don’t like it, and it’s expensive, so it’s flopping!” Internet smear campaign”

    A “smear campaign” sounds melodramatic to me. People can be critical of Disney without being guilty of perpetrating a “smear campaign.”

  19. W

    This is just hilarious. No, twe’lik no lightsaber 6000$ hard pass. Disney’s tripping of course they’ve always been tripping. Just another in a long long list of mistakes they’ve made

  20. Jason Hassett

    I would love to see a side by side comparison what 6K would get you in Universal. What would 6K get you if you just did normal Disney trip for family of 4.

    Just because they closed most of 2020 for Covid, it doesn’t mean they should rape guest to try and recoup lost revenue.

    They raised ticket prices twice in one year… no bonus to stay on property and save the parking fee… $11 turkey leg? $7 pineapple whip?

    $6K two day experience…. Yoda better use the force to carry my bags to the room. There better be a Wookie fur rug, and R2D2 better follow me everywhere to hand me a ice cold beverage.

    Otherwise I’m driving to see the mermaids at Weeki-Wachee Springs.

  21. Randy

    This is just more BS from Bob Chapek and his profit above quality mentality. We still don’t have parking lot teams running at Disneyland even though closed in monorails are full, so Chapek can save a few dollars on gas and maintenance. I’m sure Chapel told Imagineering to reduce the budget, or Imagineers would have gone wild like they did with unlimited funds at DisneySea (which wasn’t Disney’s money). Chapek needs to be replaced.

    1. Sprite

      if you are referring to the Space Cruzr, YES, Cheapek cut the budget deep. The designers were complaining that some of the attractions can’t happen because they couldn’t get them. Maybe that’s why those trailors only had paintings and not pics of the ship. Cheapek dthe bean counter cuts the budgets all the time but neverhas to answer to it. It’s about time he did.

  22. James Mooney

    This is all part of the Kathleeen Kennedy strategy to destroy Star Wars legacy, leaving only the name and a cheap sci-fi knockoff.

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