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  1. Wing

    I just need to ask Wtf was they smoking when they came up with that atrocious character? I still find myself laughing at geode😆😆😆😆😆. There’s just no way to take it seriously And I stress the word it cuz all it is is a stupid rock. But they did do something right finally they made Rose Tico look good by comparison.

  2. Exar Kun

    The High Republic is a joke. Just like the sequel trilogy, it’s Star Wars “lite” and nothing more. It’s Star Wars for n00bs.

  3. Mike D

    That’s just a Menhir from the “Plain of Fear” in a few of the Tails of the Black Company books. By Glen Cook. I’m not going to be the only one who relizes that.

    1. Mike D


      1. Andre Heidt

        I feel like it’s important for you to understand that I’m not throwing shade at your article, but imma need some receipts to back up the claim that more than four paid bots on Twitter were excited about the high republic…

      2. Andre Heidt

        Sorry, first time posting on mobile and didn’t realize I was responding to a comment 😅

    2. Rob Crawford

      The menhir had character, a purpose, and class.

  4. Backcountry164

    Met with immense interest?? You mean backlash right?? Backlash at erasing established lore and canon in favor of woke gibberish and nonsense like this literally laughing stock?? I can’t decide if this was just lazy or incredible stupidity. One thing is for sure, whoever came up with this idea isn’t even half as clever as they seem to believe they are. Frankly I’d be embarrassed to have my name attached to any of it…

  5. Save the Franchise

    This hilariously bad drivel will be canceled once they finally usher Kathleen Kennedy out the door. Only a matter of time before this once-great franchise will rise again, provided idiots like KK are excised.

    1. M

      She should have been gone already yet somehow she remains. Why is that?

  6. Mike

    There are strangers on the plain.

  7. sadge

    They are just finishing off the series. The newest trilogy killed alot of interest. This is just the final blow

    1. People who talk crap about people using the word y’all are cringe af. This isnt tick tock sweet heart, just a comment section for fans of a series to post their opinion. Nothing wrong going on here, your the annoying one truly complaing.

  8. Sick of y’all

    The comments and this article proves that Star Wars fans are the worst. Y’all will complain about anything. There’s magic space wizards and talking ghosts and you draw the line here? And seriously with the woke bull – you don’t even know what that means. Stop parroting stuff you hear adults say.


      These are adults, me included. I wish there more adults in charge of content for Star Wars.

      I was actually hoping the character coming back was Cara Dune. Instead, it’s this stupid rock I hadn’t heard of until now.

      1. NW

        You and me both don’t sweat it other guy. Geode the rock represents how they really are bland ,talentless and creativeless

  9. M

    Polarizing is the wrong word to use. Frankly I feel a little embarrassed for them for creating such a stupid character. But the bright side is they’ll always be around in case we need a good laugh.

  10. Jona

    I pity the kid who gets a Geode action figure for Christmas…
    “I got a rock!”

  11. joshua

    The high republic is not worth my time, I’ve seen enough from it to know its more of the post modern trash that Hollywood is pushing. They redid transformers but made the autobots the real bad guys, he man without he man, and so many other mistakes.

    With high republic they are making the jedi the bad guys. Why, because the writers identify with people wanting to rip everything down. So they need to make the good guys bad, that way they are justified.

    That said I’ve check out of star wars since clone wars started changing lore willy nilly then they moved to rebels and made lightsaber copters.

  12. Rob

    This hasn’t died yet? A sentient rock who can teleport should’ve been the final nail.
    I can’t believe there are fans of this bs..

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