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splash mountain zip a dee doo dah riverboat

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  1. M

    All Splash Mountain needs is maintenance and updating Br’er Rabbit, Bear, & Fox along with the other critters. There’s nothing wrong with the ride. Build Princess Tiana somewhere else. What a stupid idea to re-theme the most popular ride. Leave it alone.

    1. SplashinFun

      Couldn’t agree more my friend!

    2. SD


  2. SplashinFun

    To answer your question, YES I am a fan of Splash Mountain and NO I’m not excited for the re-theme. There is nothing wrong with this ride, it’s absolutely perfect as is. If Disney would spend the money to provide the proper preventative maintenance the ride needs, and build Tiana the new attraction from scratch that she deserves then everyone would be happy. Care was taken to avoid any “problematic” elements from the film when the ride was made. There are no human animatronics on the ride, only adorable critters. The ride was never an issue for the past 30+ years until 2020 when the twitter cry babies decided to create problems when there were none. These characters were special to Walt, and therefore should be considered sacred and untouchable. Leave our Laughin’ Place alone and #SaveSplashMountain!

    1. SD

      Couldn’t have said it better.

  3. Athena Ziolkowski

    No I’m not for the re-theme! I love splash mountain exactly the way it is. I truly feel that there is enough room at disney to give Tiana her own ride not re-theme a just to say they did it. I would also love to see Marida get something!

    1. Athena Ziolkowski

      I was just there 11/14/2021 the ride is as great as ever!!!!!!

    2. SplashinFun

      Rapunzel as well! Not just a bathroom hahaha

  4. Tamara Dowd

    Leave Splash Mountain alone ! It only needs caring maintenance.

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