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spider-man no way home interstate scene

Credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

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  1. EricJ

    Here’s what movie studios have done to your minds:
    Was anyone going to skip the crowds/weather and see the movie on Tuesday?…No??
    You can, you know, it’ll be around another week or two.

    Unfortunately, it probably won’t be around past three, since we have so many cineplexes in the country that only an Infinity/Endgame smash can ever last four before everyone’s seen it.
    And, since a movie can’t play for two or three months like a big hit used to in the 80’s/90’s, studios and theater chains have hyped you into a rock-concert frenzy to see it on its RECORD-BREAKING OPENING WEEKEND!!!!!
    Which is now the only way they can brag about their box-office success, and the only (brief) chance they’ll have to get their money in theaters, before trying to sock you for the “early digital pre-order” for the rest of it.

    …Still, everyone got their tickets? Avoided spoilers? All ready and prepared for that big party?

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