Comments for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Reportedly on the Rocks, “Very Good at Faking It”

blake lively (left) and ryan reynolds (right) in black tie attire

Credit: ABC News


  1. Sandy L

    Leave folks alone.

    1. Irishgirl358

      That’s what I came here to say! These two out here doing their own thing and being successful together and people just wanna tear them down.

  2. Lena

    I agree, leave them be.

  3. Doug

    Is this really Disney news?

  4. Tony

    What’s the right way to say that?

    1. Spuds

      An easy way to figure it out is to break down the phrase: “directed a video for her good friend”. You wouldn’t write “directed a video for she good friend”.

  5. Nan

    The correct word for that sentence is “her”, as “for” is a proposition, which is always followed by the objective form of a pronoun. (If a pronoun is being used to complete the sentence.

  6. Spuds

    Thank you — I was going to make the same comment!

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