Comments for Another Costly Service Available to Replace Disney’s Magical Express

magical express

Credit: Screenshot Disney Parks Blog


  1. Chris

    It might be $2 more than MEARS, but considering that MEARS has been giving a very half hearted effort these last few weeks and the theming that this service promises to have, it might just be worth it. We have a trip in Feb, so we will try it and see.

  2. jeff

    we have a Disney cruise in February Disney cruise line makes us pay to take us from mco to port canaveral and back why doesn’t mears do that using the magical express bus.

  3. Freedomrocksusa

    Before Mears and Disney began the Magical Express service, I used Mears. I used it to get to Universal while staying on Disney property as well. It was always a van just like Super Shuttle in many major cities.

  4. OneWho LostTheMagic

    They should charge for their bus line services between resort and parks, too. Don’t half-ass it, Disney!

  5. Connie

    I can not believe guests thought that bus ride from the airport to the resort was “free”. Disney doesn’t offer anything for free. You pay for it somehow. The high foom rates; the high food service somewhere they are getting that fee.

  6. Chris

    Fyi the Mears express service is no longer $200 it is $250.00

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