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  1. Z

    For those of you who apparently don’t know, Disney has publicly slapped WDWNT before. WDWNT claimed it had verified information that Disney was going to tear down The Land Pavillion and Living Seas in Epcot. And that’s when Disney decided enough was enough with all the rumors and lies. WDWNT is nothing but lies and garbage.

    1. EricJ

      And snarky “We’re NAUGHTY!” responses from the YouTube channel–
      Their I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I response to the pissy-wissy Disney PR intern who flamed them for the “Bob Chapek hides from D23” item sort of sets the tone for WDWNT after the Epcot blowup.

      It’s nice to have the “real” Inside the Magic back and better on YouTube, with no one debating about DC Comics movies.

  2. Yako

    Social media will be the downfall of us all.

    1. Dulcie

      So true!

    2. Kay

      It already has started. Think about this…what good has Social Media done for any of us?? Live social skills, social etiquette are almost nonexistent. People r mean & feel they can say whatever they want to people they don’t even know!

      1. Tim

        Right…no one ever did any of that before social media.

        LOL It so funny that people think behavior they see now some how magically started after Social Media.

        Nope it was always there. You just lived in a bubble that protected you from it.

  3. Kevin

    Their response was appropriate.

  4. Valorie

    That is hardly a “slam”. Also, WDWNT posts crap that usually isn’t true and just likes to talk crap about Disney as much as it can. It’s hardly a “news” site.

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  6. Philip Storvik

    Kudos Disney. Whoever it was. WDWNT is a garbage Dis-tabloid purveyor.

  7. Shell

    Not a fan of WDWNT buuttt I mean Disney left out Walt and the main original Disney characters from their new 50th fireworks show. Sooo 🤷‍♀️😆

  8. Cj Brown

    I believe the Ghost of Roy Disney has spoken (pretty sure he meant to say where is my Uncle Walt? where is my Father Roy? why is my Disney Family continuously being snubbed? why is my Niece the only one with a brass pair to stand up and call out Team Disney today?)

    I miss Roy Disney, he was the last voice for the true Walt Disney fan ❤️

  9. Tim

    Yeah, I’m not surprised. WDWNT is a tabloid site. I mean…they think the only reason Chapek would pull out of a D23 event is because he doesn’t want to face a mad crowd. They can’t even figure out that there may be 100 other equally plausible reasons. Their “proof” is literally that Joe Rohde attended two events on separate coats in the same day. It’s like they dont believe anyone would have anything in life more important than work events. lol

  10. Jen

    Look at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if a wdwnt fan hacked the account just to make people talk about Tom and “news” site.. this is what he does. He has a long pattern of this and I wouldn’t be shocked at this point. Anything to keep him in your mind, keep you talking. Toxic person and site.

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