Comments for Disney Park Brings Back Meal Plan with Huge Changes

plaza garden disneyland paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris


  1. Tessy

    Not those prices! Again, all about the rich!

  2. Em

    Not for me. Definitely not worth the price as are a lot of other things nowadays

  3. Manny

    So now you are only allowed one Disney character meal for the whole length of the stay? Wow that really effects your choices.

  4. Barb304

    Hopefully things will change for the better once Paychek is gone.

  5. Julian H

    Well AGAIN Disney complicates what had simple to understand Dining Plan options before, this more expensive and options are something you need to get your head around. Forget it… Your better off loading up a pre-paid visa card and spend it at what Restaurant you want on or off Disney property, we did it and I can tell you we actually saved money and ate what we wanted, when and where. The Disney Dining Plan is a total waste of time and money.

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