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samuel l. jackson as nick fury (left) and clark gregg as agent phil coulson in marvel's the Avengers

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. ViviN

    ‘Laura might be Mockingbird which proves AoS Bobbi Morse isn’t canon’ might make sense if you ignore the fact that Hawkeye and Mockingbird are/get divorced, Laura Barton exists as a separate character in the comics, and that superhero mantles are passed on to other people all the time anyway (like Hawkeye to Kate Bishop).

  2. Nora

    That makes absolutely no sense. She lived in a secret house for over a decade far away from everyone else. Why change her name to Laura? Plus Feige knows that AoS has one of the biggest fanbases in the MCU, he wouldn’t be so stupid to turn away that many people from the MCU. Plus Mockingbird is a title. It can be passed on to different people. Additionally, the name Mockingbird was used in a promo, never on the show. So if Laura Barton is Mockingbird, this proves nothing because nobody ever called Bobbi Mockingbird in Shield’s run. All in all, it just makes no sense to me how this could affect the canon of Agents of Shield.

    1. Cori

      Yes unless they try to say she was Bobbi Morse and changed her name to Laura, her being mockingbird wouldn’t necessarily affect AOS. Mockingbird could be like black widow (Natasha, Yelena—in the comics if not onscreen yet), Captain America (Steve, Sam and, in comics, Bucky), Hawkeye (Clint, Kate) and many more in the comics verse that we’ll probably see on screen eventually.

  3. Joe

    I don’t think Fisk could be Echo’s uncle for the mere fact in The Daredevil series, he was an only child. He never married so he couldn’t even have a brother in law or sister in law to give birth to a niece.

    1. Alan

      Probably the same actor, since he was a fan favorite, but it’s most likely a variant, not the exact same kingpin from netflix

    2. Ciz

      he’s not her real Uncle lol. In the comics her dad works for him. Sheesh.

  4. Jason

    I see the author of this post is simply an AoS hate looking for an excuse to say it doesn’t count as MCU.

    The problem is that there’s actually no contradiction. In the comics, Laura Barton and Bobbi Morse are separate characters. Laura is from Marvel’s Ultimates–long established to be a primary source of inspiration for the MCU–where she and Clint are married and have children.

    In AoS, Bobbi is never referred to as either agent 19 or mockingbird. Not once.

    These are separate characters in the same universe. They do not contradict each other.

  5. Laura Barton and Bobbi Morse are 2 completely different characters in the comics. Laura was only Clint’s wife on Earth-1610 and she wasn’t Agent 19. The MCU is Earth-199999, and it includes Agents of SHIELD. Bobbi was never referred to as Agent 19 in AoS, so there’s no contradiction here. They just split that element from the Earth-616 Mockingbird and gave it to this earth’s Laura Barton, which is a cool way to give her character more depth. She was retired before we even meet Bobbi in the MCU. This does NOT prove that AoS is decanonized.

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