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gina carano mandalorian premiere

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. JayArnold

    That would be a JOKE! Think about an actress other than Gina Carano pretending to be Cara Dune. In every scene she was in viewers would be reminded of the disgraceful way LFL treated Gina Carano, and the extremely poor likeness of Gina Carano would be ridiculed in every scene she was in. It would be a disaster! But I would not put it past Lucasfilm to try something so stupid.

    1. M


    2. Daniel

      I would not be surprised if they replace Cara with Jar Jar Binks

      1. Eric

        Not coming back to Disney until Kathleen Kennedy is fired. Gina is rehired and a public is given. Also every Disney film has lost money sk cry some more commie pigs

        1. The World of Reality

          Uh lost money? Where do you your numbers from? Here are the actual numbers for SW 7-9
          Force Awakens:
          Budget $245,000,000
          Gross US/CAN $936,662,225
          Gross WW $2,069,521,700

          Last Jedi:
          Budget $317,000,000
          Gross US/CAN $620,181,382
          Gross WW $1,332,698,830

          Rise of Skywalker:
          Budget $275,000,000
          Gross US/CAN $515,202,542
          Gross WW $1,074,149,279

          So the three movies cost a total of around 837 million to make and grossed a total of a little over 4 billion.476 mllion dollars. That’s a profit of around 3 billion, 639 million dollars. You must have an interesting concept of losing money.

    3. Hank

      Just recast her. Folks will get over it.

    4. Mark

      Yeh, I tend to agree

  2. NEW Cara Dune

    YES RECAST! just get over it!

    1. Live and let live

      Gina Carano is Cara Dune, period.
      Let’s throw cancel culture into the belly of nearest sarlacc.

      1. Julian Herring

        AGREED – Bring Back Gina – Enough Said, she is Cara Dune

        1. Hank

          Just recast her. Folks will get over it.

      2. Jack

        I mean she is just a side character that was in a handfull of episodes. If Disney let go of Johnny Depp who made them Billions with the Pirates franchise then she is pretty much a nobody to them. She thought it was more important to be on social media running her mouth than protecting here job and career.

        1. Chris Dent

          Pascal has posted equally as heinous things on social media. Difference is, he’s liberal so all of the political BS he posted goes along with the liberal viewpoint. Therefore he’s safe. Total bulls***

          1. ACBACBabr

            THANK YOU!

      3. Jake Cormer

        Keep the bigot out of SW. She’s a joke.

        1. eko3

          You’re a bigot.

          There. See. Neither of us have accomplished anything.


    2. The Emperor

      Would be typical of Krapleen Kennedy’s brain farts.
      The poor soul who is unlucky enough to be the actress recasting Gina Carano would never be accepted by the fans.

      1. Tw

        No, she cant act her way out of a wet paper bag. Good riddens. She’s just another entitled Karen.

        1. Denis John Lanza

          *Riddance. If you’re on a tirade tearing someone apart at least know how spell your insults. Riddens. Are they a derivative of Ridalyn?

  3. Wayne Stover

    Because of her firing,I WOKE up to Disney. I quit Mandolorian

    1. Grunf

      Money talks. That’s why they want to recast her.

      1. Robert

        Cast a transgender border collie that identifies as a bowl of pudding and uses the pronouns they, we, them. That should make the crazy cancel culture SJW clowns happy.

        1. The Emperor

          Yeah but the woketards are never happy and the hilarious part is they don’t consume or watch the show.
          Woketards pursue clout. They want to be able to say that they helped trend this or shut this down like it is a big frickin deal.

        2. ACBACBabr


      2. Mark Goode

        If “money talks”, Disney would start to learn that people don’t care about the Woke and Cancel Culture. They tried to cancel Chic Fil A, In & Out and Hobby Lobby but they had record sales. Then they make woke Emmortals, its trash with poor reviews and ticket sales. They want to replace Hawkeye with Kate Bishop, Thor with Jane Foster, Iron Man with Iron Heart. All these will not bring the money they hope. Look at the views for Hawkeye already. I don’t have have a problem with women leads but make them original not a replacement.

        1. Danny

          Those are poor examples considering they’re already original characters that were already introduced in the comic books. Kate Bishop has been Cint’s student in the comics for years now

        2. KDM

          Cancel Culture doesn’t really work on businesses, especially big business.

  4. Jmf

    Yes! They should have never gotten rid of her and then cast transsexual beating Rosario Dawson

  5. David

    No, she should not be recast. People need to learn to separate the actors from their characters. Many other Disney actors including Pascal, have said controversial things and kept their jobs. She should be no different.

  6. Benji

    Gina is the only actress I can see becoming the Cara persona, no way around it. Either bring her back or just scratch Cara from all the script writing.

  7. Alex

    There is no Cara dune without Gina Carano. Either disney accepts defeat and welcomes her back or they scrap the character altogether.

    1. The Emperor

      Disney is not the problem. The problem is Krapleen Kennedy and her mentally retarded loyalists.
      They don’t want to admit defeat, so by allowing her to remain Disney keeps getting hit by the train that is Get woke Get Broke

      1. Derek

        Why is it that the star wars fanbase is so densely packed with incel mouthbreathers?

  8. Wing Z

    Gina made the Cara Dune character her own. Lucasfilm and Disney made a habit of making stupid choices this year recasting her would just add to their list of stupidity and foolishness

    1. Julian Herring

      You hit the nail on the Head. – Gina all the way.

  9. Slayer

    YES Disney, stop being pussies and bring her back already

    1. FdaWoke

      That’s about as ironic as it gets. The WOKE whiners calling out someone for whining! Bwahahaha!!! Priceless way to start the day!

    2. George Wilhelm

      Gina should have never been Fired. Pedros comments have been far worse than any of hers especially his most recent about the Rittenhouse trial but he still remains. If she isn’t brought back then Pedro should go and both parts recast. Whats fair is fair and Disney has not been fair. They way Disney is going they are going to alienate their fan base and destroy the franchise all together. It seems like that is what Kathleen Kennedy has been trying to so for years anyway.

  10. Jane

    They’re gonna hire her back and she’ll take the job. As most of us know in real life, you don’t have to politically agree or like each other to work with each other. Money is on the line, so Lucasfilm needs to stop social engineering and just do what’s right for the franchise.

    1. FdaWoke

      Heather, seriously…go cancel yourself already you 2 bit twit.

  11. Ahn

    Oh please quit complaining!a lot of good actresses type of work will gladly take this job and probably do a better job why do they want to stick with her. So she’s worked before..who cares

    1. The Emperor

      Don’t see it possible. You have to kowtow to Krapleen and companie’s retarded brain farts.

      1. N8tiveAmerican

        And here you are with the intelligence of a rock thinking your opinion matters. Liberalism is a mental illness.

    2. Danny

      You really think it’s that easy to just recast? It’s already stated in the article that the character was tailored to Gina and it will be hard finding a replacement. Just because there’s actors interested in the job, it doesn’t actually make them qualified for it

  12. D

    This sounds like just a bunch of speculation to me. It would be nice if Gina came back, but I doubt she will. She seems too happy with the projects she is working on currently and the new company that she works for.

  13. Daniel

    do you ppl like reading these fake gina carano stories? when will you ever learn?

  14. Anna

    Gina Carano is Cara Dune.

    1. Derek

      Gina Carano is a case study in how to be a terrible actor, and she ruined every scene she was in.

      1. Rob Crawford

        Unlike the hate-filled Pedro Pascal, who just mumbles out lines during ADR and calls that “acting”.

  15. Ed

    Ahh. The Daily Wire. Where D List celebrities careers go to be euthanized.

  16. Ken Brenner

    I’m not a Star Wars fan (but was with the first 3 films – episodes 4, 5, 6).
    But, Gina should have the right to state her views, just like others do every day.
    At least she’s not rioting, spitting on police, and looting/burning stores…

    1. Derek

      Hey Ken, you could have just said “I have poorly developed ideas too” and saved a handful of words

      1. N8tiveAmerican

        Hey, Derek, you said it yourself and it fits. Liberalism is a mental illness.

        1. Joke

          Ok, cool, but can you come up with something new or are we just reiterating the same old tired BS for funzies?

  17. Drakosha

    Recast. No one will miss her!

  18. LinckG

    Recasting her will just push more people away. Kill her off camera, pretend she never existed, make up a weird story about her going somewhere far away. I would not want to be the actress to fill those shoes. And I don’t want to see anyone else try. Disney needs to stop being political and just make money.

  19. John

    I don’t know who this Heather girl is, but seems she has something negative to say about everything. Aggressive much?

  20. Josh

    It’s simple. This is the first article I’ve read since they fired her for having a opionion.
    If they don’t recast her.
    Myself. My family an many friends I’ll NEVER watch it.
    Don’t care.
    Thee is more to watch then we can in our whole lives and they keep making more.
    Go ahead Disney. Make your expensive money pit of a flop.

  21. Michael Chan

    Yes please recast her she did nothing wrong. She has a strong presence and is very talented

  22. Burnsie

    I find these types of “debates” fascinating. The political lines are drawn, the liberals’ first line of defense if to point out how stupid their opponents are, which they then smugly believe makes them so much smarter than everyone one else. Then the conservatives come back with some attempts at logic mixed with the equivalents of “’m rubber you’re glue, fairness, or riots” as poor parries. No one listens to anyone else any more. Disney is a corporate giant, and they will hire and fire at will. I cancelled Disney Plus when they fired her, and then added it back to watch they Avengers with my kids when they came home from college. Family time trumped my wish to hurt the corporate giant with my tiny ten bucks a month.

  23. Morgan Hoover

    No! Every other artist has the freedom to say what they believe! Conservative and libertarians ones should as well!

  24. ACB

    I’ve always been sheltered and treated like I can’t defend myself because I’m a woman. It was Carano that inspired me to take self defense classes and do everything in my power to prove I can stand on my own. I was disgusted when I learned she was fired for doing something her own costar is guilty of himself (give him credit though, he defended her). She shouldn’t be recast. She’s exactly who her character is; a strong kickass woman.

  25. Bambi

    If they replace Carano with someone else, they will lose a life long Star wars fan. She didn’t say or do anything wrong. Her statements were taken way out of context and all the bullies jumped on the cancel culture band wagon and Disney let her go when they should have supported her. Walt must be rolling in his grave right now with some of the stuff Disney airs that he would never have allowed. Disney use to be the one place we could count on our children being able to view clean old fashioned family valued shows….not any more. It’s a crying shame.

  26. jonathan d wint

    Yeah a cyber forensic check proved that all those hashtags to fire Gina were dropped by a botnet. This was straight up Kathleen Kennedy the crazy lady!

  27. MFLO

    She has moved on. So can we. She said what she said and did what she did. If you can’t see anyone else as Cara Dune. I’d say you lack imagination or confidence in actors. I can think of several actors. To be in that role as Cara Dune. We can all learn from her flippant, I do what I want attitude and move on.
    NEXT! As great as she is. I watch for Pascal The Mandalorian. This is the way. 😉

  28. Wayne A Shrock

    I wouldn’t blame her if she td Lucasfilm to go pound sand. All this talk about is free speech, until it doesn’t fit the narrative.

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