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  1. Zach A Haveraneck

    What a terrible title. This has nothing to do with another MC universe.

  2. Paul

    Good article, but you cannot leave Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson out of your list… 2 original avengers I mean come on

  3. Alonzo Golden

    Hawkeye was an awesome show, looking forward to a 2nd season The realism & authenticity of a superhero with no super powers who has to deal with aches, pains & psychological PTSD type trauma due to his work as a superhero interacting with gods, super soldiers, giant green monsters and aliens makes Clint Barton appealing because unlike the other heroes, he’s left with his humanity, wit & vulnerabilities to fight the good fight with no super powers! And he truly holds his own among those titans. And through out it all, he’s still willing to continue to risk it all to do the right thing! This is what makes him a truly super human being! Jeremy Renner’s portrayal is second to none, as he delivers what the character of Clint Barton truly is, a selfless everyman who gives 100% to doing what he has to do. We get to see his pain, the physical toll it’s taken on him, along with the usual signs of human pain & detriment we regular humans go through. Jeremy brings Clint to life in a very real way. His chemistry with Hailee Steinfeld is pretty awesome as well, as she too, is simply a regular human with superb archery skills; she also shares his passion for doing the right thing 100%. All around amazing show.
    The one other thing that gets me…after viewing that end credits scene featuring the pseudo Broadway show “Rogers”, I can NOT get that song outta my head! “I can do this all DAAAAAAAAY!” Shockingly, I’m (gulp) kind’a addicted to it now…is that weird? LOL!

    1. Backcountry164

      What makes you think there will be a season 2 when the purpose of season 1 was to set up his replacement??

  4. Scott

    I think there is not only room, but a necessity for both genre! As to things get weirder, it’s good to have more grounded stories that people can relate with like Hawkeye.

  5. Brian

    You mention almost the entire list of mainstays but omit Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans?? Harsh.

    1. Jesus

      To comment on the comments, there’s no other MCU, key word here is Cinematic, (unless you include the multiverse) Disney is, or should, continue the story arcs in these mini series that exist in the Marvel Universe but don’t have to be a main story plot from the movies. It looks like they are, or should be, leaving the big Celestial stories for the theaters and the interpersonal plots for Disney+. The idea was great on Netflix, just bad execution.

  6. DLand

    As a young grandmother of 8 grandchildren (21-2) I’ve become this MCU junkie 🤣🤣🤣 Yup. Shang Chi is my Favorite right now & Episode 6 of “Hawkeye.” When Clint/Jeremy does Nat/Scarlett‘a “Secret Whistle, I was looking all over for Nat/Scarlett to jump out of nowhere to save the day for Clint/Jeremy. That one Spot in there show really brought tears 😭 to my eyes because of the Real tears the Actors themselves had. It was a very Real & Pivotal part in there story telling just how much Natasha/Scarlet was Loved & Missed. Great job with this series. Kate Bishops/Haley was a true breath of FRESH AIR TO THE SCREEN. Bravo Disney, Bravo 🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼

  7. MCDrew

    Well done Rebekah

  8. YaOk

    Maya was a one dimensional character. She really had nothing going on but anger. Seems like Disney is too keen to base an entire show around women with chips on their shoulders, hope they explore more about her or it’ll only serve to further erode gender relations that are only strained. Surely young women need more from their role models than just bad attitude and martial arts

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