The Grinch is Upset He’s Been Replaced at Universal

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The Grinch and Earl the Squirrel

Credit: @craftyashley (left) Universal Orlando Twitter (right)

Universal Orlando fans are going nuts for a holiday icon, but it’s not The Grinch.

While videos continue to go viral of The Grinch and his interactions with Guests around the Park, there is another icon who is currently stealing the spotlight from the mean one himself: A squirrel named Earl.

The Grinch Universal
Credit: Universal Orlando

The official Earl the Squirrel walkaround character was unveiled earlier this month at Universal Studios and merchandise is currently flying off the shelves.

So, who is this Earl the Squirrel?

Earl the Squirrel
Credit: Universal Orlando Twitter

Earl the Squirrel is a character based off a real-life squirrel from more than a decade ago. The squirrel was found nestled in the branches of Universal Studio’s Christmas tree and had an affinity for stealing strands of Christmas lights and bringing them back to its nest.

Over the years, Universal has paid homage to the squirrel through various decorations, merchandise, and now an official character who meets with Guests inside the Park.

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Credit: Universal Orlando website

Twitter user @craftyashley posted a recent interaction with The Grinch at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and it’s clear he’s not happy about the fanfare Earl the Squirrel is receiving.

The Grinch is not a fan of Earl the Squirrel

The Grinch asks Guests about Earl the Squirrel and says that Universal already has a holiday icon and they’re looking at him.

Grinch and Max.
Credit: David Sprague

While The Grinch and Earl the Squirrel might have their differences, Guests are the ones who win in the end having both characters available to meet.

Earl the Squirrel is seemingly becoming a staple of the holiday season at Universal Studios and The Grinch has been a staple at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Seuss Landing for decades now. The two characters are unique attractions that draw Guests to the Parks and help define what the holiday experience at Universal Orlando Resort is all about.

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season in Universal Orlando Resort?

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