Comments for Photos and Videos Reportedly Prohibited at ‘Star Wars’ Galactic Starcruiser

galactic starcruiser sign couple taking selfie

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    It was already too expensive, this just further makes it a no go for me.

    1. Backcountry164

      Well there goes all of the Disney “influencers”. If they can’t share their experience they’ve got no reason to go.
      I’ve suspected that such people were a major reason that the first several months were booked. If this holds true there should be a bunch more reservations that suddenly become available.

  2. So, if this is supposed to be an immersive experience, are they providing costumes?

    1. Tod

      Sigh. You can have an immersive experience and not get dressed up. Delusion has a strict no phone policy and no videos and pictures during the 90 minute experience, which costs about $100 so a 2 night stay which includes a room,food and immersion doesn’t seem have bad for the price. If you calulate $100 every 90 minutes

  3. Tony

    Nothing the guy in the video said it’s true. Disney play app is where you will see your schedule it will be where you get some missions for your phone to be “put away” isn’t true. Also there is no rule stating you can not take photos on the starcruiser

  4. R. M

    Interesting. A family stay-in experience that prohibits photography, I’m sure that will go over well. This is as well thought out as the PR video. For this much money guests should have free access to their entire recorded experience, cause you know Disney will have cameras everywhere.

    1. Tod

      Quit listening to rumors 🙄🤡

  5. Bob Hope

    Straight trash, no thanks.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Bob Paycheck says, “Guests will be blown away.”
    Yep. By the cost and what little you truly get and are allowed to do.
    Staterooms are “cleansed” so guest will spend more time outside of their rooms and be immersed in the “show”.
    Sorry, for $6k, I’ll spend a weeks worth or more doing a lot more than what this 2 night stay provides. With check in time at 4pm and check out time is 11am, this limits the real time effect of the stay.

  7. David

    Probably cause they don’t want folks to see how the hotel set design looks more like a made for TV B flick then Disney level. Sorry but for 6k I can go spend a week in New zealand.

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