Comments for Disney Sells SHOCKING Piece of History at One of Its Parks

Germany in World Showcase

Credit: Disney


  1. rroe

    What will Disney Cash In on next?????

  2. Chris

    They’ve been selling these for years. I got one a couple of years ago after having seen it several years before, even. It’s a cool souvenir with a piece of history that would otherwise have been sitting in a trash heap.

  3. Disney Truth

    one of disney biggest scams, i shouldnt say this but as an employee with a conscience, i can say that they are 100% made in america fakes! dam good job we do though, disney has been at this scam along time.

  4. I have a piece of the wall myself. It’s stamped and authenticated. After the wall came down, Germans sold pieces to tourists. Mine has some beautiful graffiti on it.

  5. David A

    Berlin is one of my favourite cities to visit especially during the Christmas markets season. I have seen the Berlin Wall and visited Checkpoint Charlie. The small museum there shows actual video footage of the atrocities that took place when the wall was built and some of it is heart breaking. But this is history and we cannot bury history we can only learn from past mistakes and ensure they are not repeated. As long as the items being sold are genuine and not just another Disney scam to get visitors to part with their hard earned cash I have no problem with anyone wanting to own a piece of history.

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