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  1. Chris

    There is no state mask mandate in Florida and in California, it only applies indoors, which Disney IS enforcing.

    But the reservation system IS contributing to the spread, as people will go no matter what if they have a reservation because they want to avoid penalties. These include people who would stay home due to weather, not feeling well, etc.

    The reservation system needs to be dropped.

    1. Sue

      There is NO mask mandate even for indoors in the State of Florida. The problem is Disney is in Orange County and Mayor Demings continously defies the Governor DeSantis.

      1. Manny

        This is not a problem. The governor of Florida cares more about money and his political career than anything else.

        1. Kenr

          No Manny. The FL Governor cares more about individual rights and private business rights. And every politician cares more about their political career than anything, democrats and republicans alike.

          1. Manny

            First to your argument. DeSantis is not anything but a pure politician. A perfect example was him giving out vaccines to rich donors early in the pandemic. Does that not strike you as a politician who is looking to secure reelection?

            Individual rights and business rights? Are you kidding me? Business rights yes now you are supporting my argument which Ronnie only cares about money. Placing peoples health in danger over money. If that isn’t evil I really do not know what is.

            1. Timothy Alvarado

              So you continue to cling to a premise that has been proven to be completely false about the rich getting the vaccine first in Florida, so please update your references. Masks do not do a darn thing when they are worn incorrectly and are just a show piece at best for most people. This is an absolutely baseless and ridiculous article being used from a random Redditor, sometime this site just publishes complete crap that has no actual significance, which is sad because some of what they do is really good and helpful to us Disney fans.

    2. Trixie

      Agree – DROP the reservation system!

      1. charles brown

        Agree 100% Get Rid Of The Reservation System. Now you pay a lot of money for an Annual Pass and cannot go when you want is not good . A lot of people have said they will not get or renewal their Annual Pass due to this Reservation System . Wake Up Disney

        1. Deb

          I wont. Right now I have to co ordinate reservations for hotels, car rental etc and adding in the highly restrictive annual pass reservation allotment I would just be better off buying a 5 day hopper a few times a year when it suits me. I made my holiday reservations for 4 people. To do this I bought 4 annual passes and booked 6 allotted days in the first week of October for December. Within a week of doing this all the weekends and a lot of the days in December became unavailable for Dream Keys so I am glad I did. But….this meant that even though my husband and I had means and time off in the interim we could not go to Disneyland at all unless we dropped our December reservations or paid for extra day passes on top of our annual pass. I know that the terms and conditions do say you are not guaranteed entry but this system is stupidly unworkable. The benefits no longer outweigh the cost and if I am more likely to get a reservation on the fly then I will buy my tickets that way in the future and they can keep the destroyed magic key pass/annual pass.

  2. Teresa

    What’s really contributing to the spread at the parks are the ridiculous plexiglass barriers in the ride queues that reduce airflow to almost nothing so as you walk through the line, which has zero front to back social distancing, you are continuously entering areas containing the droplets of every person in front of you in line. Proper ventilation in the ride queues would be much more effective. But what do I know, I’m just an RN and a certified infection preventionist.

    1. Trixie

      AMEN! As a fellow RN, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      1. Claire Crain

        I just came back from Disney last week. The crowds were bad as expected but he Genie app was terrible. Even the Genie was causing trouble for the cast members. They didn’t like it either. Go back to the old system. The reservations don’t work when the parks are allowed to be overloaded with too few employees. Universal seems to have the same crowding problems without reservations. Disney now seems to be only interested in making more money. The fun is gone.

        1. NH

          The Genie IS horrible and a complete waste of money!

  3. Sue

    As someone who refuses to patronize Disney anymore, I do agree the reservation system is a huge problem, but even with or without a reservation system when planning an expensive vacation you go anyway.
    Just because someone is coughing does not indicate someone has covid, so please….
    Less than 1% of the population is even affected by covid and this is coming from someone who lost 10 people.
    It is high time every one ditch the mask.
    Covid has 3 proven therapies with a 4th coming rendering the vaccine unnecessary.

    1. Kamm

      Less than 1% of the population is even affected by covid and this is coming from someone who lost 10 people.
      It is high time every one ditch the mask.
      Covid has 3 proven therapies with a 4th coming rendering the vaccine unnecessary.

      You’re full of B.S. Quit spreading false info.

    2. SomeMumblingBum

      The reason you lost 10 people… (whatever you mean by that) probably is because you don’t agree with masking.

    3. Manny

      You need to check your statistics Sue and stop lying.

      Mask are part of strategy. If you like you can read the peer reviewed meta study on mask effectiveness which looked at 21 different studies. Maybe science is not your cup of tea.

  4. Lisa

    I cough, but it’s not COVID, despite what people around me seem to think when I’m in public. I have cough-variant asthma, so I cough. And people move away from me like I’m on fire, which I’m OK with.

    Don’t ASSUME everyone who is coughing or sneezing or has a runny nose has COVID…..more times than not it’s something else – like the common cold or asthma or COPD or other chronic lung diseases.

    Thank heavens Disney ditched the masks! Now everyone can enjoy the parks and see the smiles!

  5. Kenr

    Anyone willfully going to a theme park with millions of other people cannot say with a straight face that they are concerned about Covid. Drop the mandates. If you have a need to feel safe, quarantine yourself.

    1. SomeMumblingBum

      This is a big problem with the UnUnited States! Too many people think only about themselves and not about their fellow countrymen! If we all did what we should’ve done months ago and wear a mask and honestly fully quarantine and isolate… all at the same time, we wouldn’t be in this damn state of the world that we are right now.
      Acting as though you are living on an island and don’t affect anyone else and not caring about anyone else does absolutely nothing good for ALL of us!

  6. LG

    While visiting WDW in early December, we noticed many hand sanitizer stations were empty. Crowds shoulder to shoulder for fireworks and indoor lines for shows, packed shops, Disney Springs crowded restaurants. Disney makes a pretense of Covid spread control, but in reality, just not effective. If worried about catching Covid, best stay out of the parks.

  7. JMH

    A lot of people aren’t bothering to wear their masks in the bathroom and you’re in their vacated stall so… If you think masks don’t matter, breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air.
    As for the reservation system, I agree with it giving an exclusive vibe to a visit. We just spent five weeks in the area using our annual passes, and it was stressful at times wondering if we’d have park availability when we could make our next reservation. If they must have it, then drop the ridiculous limit or increase the number by enough to cover a couple weeks, and drop the buckets that divide availability based on entry type. They say overall capacity is rarely hit anyway… WHY continue to artificially limit access based on ticket type. It makes trying to make dining reservations and other reservations even more challenging, because you need to score a limited tour/dining opportunity AND also match that up with a park reservation. The magic has been replaced by stress. There always was stress in setting up a trip, but now it’s even worse.

    1. Deb

      I agree….stress added now and Disney is not giving as much for the money anymore. I just got back from a pre christmas Disneyland vacation. They may fool some but I can see they did a really cheap job of holiday decorations this year. I have been many times at this time of year because my birthday falls in their holiday period. Cheap cheap cheap, added stress, bad vibes from every direction even staff badmouthing systems and other cast members…..really losing that happiest place on earth nametag…

  8. Sue

    This is the Christmas holiday Disney is alway packed. So don’t complain about Florida you chose to come at this time of the year if you are worried about getting sick stay inside your home and out of Florida. We do t need people coming down here from all over the USA and world spreading there germs. Go home and spend the holidays in your house with your family.

    1. charles brown


    2. SomeMumblingBum

      HaHaHa that’s right… You don’t need any more people spreading their germs around because Florida has the highest levels of infected people out of any other state in the nation once again!
      LoL LoL

      1. Me

        Once again, another Branch Covidian idiot speaks. The sky is falling. Go hide under your kitchen table.

  9. It’s all a bunch of hype to make you think that all the protocols keep you safe. I just returned from Disney Orlando on Monday and the parks were wall to wall people. I am in a scooter and could not get anywhere. No wonder people are getting sick! What happened to limiting crowd capacity? That must have gone away without announcing it to the guests. I’ve been to Disney for 47 years and never seen it like it was a week ago. By the way, with all the precautions, my family came home with Covid.

  10. Benjamin Collins

    I can relate on so many levels on involuntary losing money & hotel points. Scheduling 6 months out just to find out later a rise of cases, as a firm believer in ticket insurance is the better option. What R some other options to choose from? I’d like to get a running tally.

  11. Rodney Simonson

    The Fastpass system, as refined, was a wonderful planning tool for out-of-state visitors to WDW. Genie and Genie+, together with the park reservation system, are a travesty, and favor locals with flexibility more than vacationers, as well as being a money grab with no real added benefit.

  12. George

    They should have left Fast Pass alone. During our 2018 family trip, the system worked fine. Wife and I went alone in April of this year, and waited in the lines of everything we wanted to ride. And the virtual queue for Resistance was BS. We stayed off resort the first night in Orlando, got on the app early in the morning to get the virtual queue…got our spots, and then was kicked back because we didn’t have reservations for the park, even though our vacation was booked with an onsite resort for the remainder of our trip and the parks were tickets for the days we were going. That day we were going to Hollywood Studios, already had the tickets saved on the app, and got kicked back, and didn’t get in for the second time the virtual queue was opened. That was our first time to Batuu, and had a similar results trying to get the lightsaber experience.

  13. Bella

    I agree the Covid prevention at WDW is a joke. Most of the hand sanitizer stations are empty and guest are in the parks coughing and sneezing all over the rides, merchandise, and people. As for the reservation system it’s a joke. It’s not to control the crowd size it’s to control what type of people Disney wants in their parks. The system requires you to purchase park tickets then make reservations. However by the time you purchase your ticket the reservation might be gone then you could be stuck with a ticket you can’t use. Just like the grandfather in CA who purchased $600 in tickets then couldn’t use them. If Disney wants to use the reservation system why not book the reservation while buying the tickets and you get x amount of time to complete the transaction. Disney won’t use that type of system because it would make sense and be easier for guest to use.

    1. Kenr

      To your point, I agree. Buy concert tickets and then see if there are seats available for the night you want to go. That would be ridiculous but it’s kind of what Disney is doing. If they are going to keep the reservation systems, they need to sell the tickets for that date and the park at the time the sale is made.

  14. Lawrence Lewis

    I have to agree as well. We went right after Thanksgiving and I would have gone sick or not. The reservation system, my non refundable tickets and air fare would have been contributing factors. Too much money had been spent not to go.

  15. Me

    You want to stop the increase in covid cases… stop testing people unless they are sick. When the government idiots announced the new O-MORON variant, everyone and their sister started getting tested. No symptoms just fear mongering.

    1. Deb

      You are right….ignore your symptoms, dont get tested and pass it along….*rolls eyes*
      No wonder you didnt put your name…

      1. Me

        Another covidiot d-bag speaks. Where did I say ignore your symptoms, Karen? Morons like you are running out and getting tested that don’t have any symptoms. That’s why the numbers are spiking yet hospitalizations are down. Get in line like the rest of the sheep.

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