Comments for Disney Announces Massive Pride Celebration to Return Next Year

disneyland paris pride

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  1. Tony

    I believe if Disney is going to push same sex relationships then to be truly inclusive they should also push giving your life to Jesus! If “love is love” is really a true statement then everyone would be in the lgbt community.

    1. Ken

      Yeah, except religion is a choice. Sexuality is not.

  2. EricJ

    Pride’s okay, but I’m just waiting for the OTHER Six Deadly Sins to get a little equal time attention away from the overmarketed other one, and get a little holiday time of its own.

    I’m doing my part, with the next trip going during the Food & Wine festival, and hoping to make it my Sloth & Gluttony Celebration.
    And yeah, a little Greed & Lust in there, too, if I have time. Maybe get one of those big Disney gift boxes, and ask friends “What’s in the box?” 🙂

    1. Ken

      Funny reference, but there is no such thing as sin

  3. Geno

    Pushing perversion onto children is child abuse. Sorry disney caves to the opposite view.

    1. Ken

      Not perversion

  4. L

    😂 all you people who are standing on your holy-ier than though pedestals clearly have never read the Bible. Jesus loved everyone, regardless of their lifestyle. You all need to go home and educate yourself on the religion that you so blindly follow. You sound like o idiots spewing your hate.

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