Comments for Disney Guests Find Major Discrepancies with New Genie+ Wait Times

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Credit: Disney


  1. Bob Boogie

    So they inflate the wait times to get you to pay for lightning lane and Genie+. Makes perfect sense in a crooked underhanded kind of way.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    If they’re actually doing this, there’s no excusing them.

    Not buying it. Not even upgrading my app to use it. Last night when I rode Splash Mountain it said a 5 minute wait on the app. And they were right. I don’t need Genie “plus” and I won’t use it.

  3. Gayle

    Luckily When I Just visited in October 3-8th It wasn’t up And Running – But I Also Have a DAP “pass” so I had what you’d probably refer as the Previous Fast Pass Access. I Think that they Are inflating the Information ON Purpose – to Make up For Pandemic Money Losses! Plus their Stupity In Actually Firing Staff instead of Keeping on Furlugh – So Now They’re Desparate For Help & The Fired Employees Probably Found Other Jobs or Don’t want to Come Back – as they were Fired instead of Furloughed! Totally Agree with those Former Cast members – I’m also Former Cast member – But From the 25th Anniversary !!

  4. Lisa W

    During my visit, I saw Star Tours having a wait of 40 mins in the app, but the actual wait time was 15 mins when I passed the entrance. However, Individual LL passes do not display an accurate Return Time. The comment about riding Rise of the Resistance in three minutes: the app says you can return at 10:20am, but when you try to reserve it, the time you can reserve is hours later! We never booked a return LL pass for the actual time displayed during our trip.

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