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  1. LMDean1971

    I’ve had ME make us late for our flight and that was the LAST time we used them. It ruined the end of a lovely trip and caused no end of stress and anxiety. Once at MCO, I tearfully begged everyone in line for security to let us cut in line (and they did! Yay humanity!) but I would never use ME again. We were picked up from the Poly, and then the driver dithered at GF for over an hour. By the time we got on the freeway and hit rush hour traffic, it was over 2 hours since we boarded the bus. ME staff at MCO was completely unhelpful and we had to run to security and run to our gate. I will always use a private car service form now own. Depending on Mears is never a good option.

  2. Kirk Hilles

    We used it a couple of years ago and we waited far longer than expected. Instead of just loading whoever is waiting, there was a bus for particular hotels. So we waited and waited for the right one to come. Even if there is one when you arrive, you might have to wait for others to arrive.

    Of course, Park Busses we’re getting worse too. Nothing worse than having to stand at the end of the day with your feet throbbing or in the morning have a massive line.

    1. Paul

      It’s something to expect when you leave at peak departure times. When I stayed at the Polynesian, I left shortly before the fireworks show began, and got on transport right away because all the guests were crowded into the viewing areas. When I got back to the hotel, I went to the beach in the back to watch the show and there was plenty of space to do so and it was a great view.

  3. JS

    Funny this story got posted today, Magical Express totally forgot about picking myself and 12 others tonight. Had to be at the bus stop at 4:50, around 5:10, still nothing so I went and asked one of the bell hops, they said “okay, sometimes they are late”. Was moments away from getting an Uber at 520, when they let us know they didn’t have anyone scheduled to pick us up and got us a Mears shuttle bus for the whole group. Thankfully since it was just us, we didn’t have to make anymore stops and only took about 30 min to get to the airport. Definitely a very stressful way to end a trip.

  4. Btb

    Was there the 14 of nov . 3 parties first got in at 7.00 am . Only ones able to get the express without waiting hours . The lines later were the length of the terminal . Other 2 parties took ubers . They were fast but expensive

  5. Nancy Thorsby

    We waited for over an hour at the airport with about 500 other people to get the Magical Express last week!! What a mess! We ended up just getting a cab! It will be no better when it’s turned over to Mears! Disney has really screwed their guests on this one!!!

    1. Helen Eroh

      Magical Express is run by Mears.

  6. Lawrence Lewis

    In the past I’ve always used Mears Shuttle service, but on the web site it said it was going to operate until January. Now I see it was operating but just for Disney guest. I wish I was a better Uber user, I took a cab, It cost me $60 to Bonnet Creek.

  7. KenR

    I’m sorry, but what the heck do the people using this service expect? Hmm…. Let’s think about this for a minute. The ME employees know their job is ending, the holiday will be super busy, these ME employees losing their job in 2 weeks are expected to work extra long hours during Christmas. What could go wrong? Folks, you better be arranging your own ride to WDW from and to the airport this week and next if you are smart and want to be at where you want in a timely manner. When you see a long line and get into it, you made that choice.

    1. Pattj

      I had never had an issue with ME. however I do always ask to be picked up 1 hour earlier than they schedule us, this way I will get to the airport earlier and am able to relax and eat.

  8. K Hume

    We had the same experience December 11 at the Polynesian. Bus was supposed to come three which was the recommended time for a 6 PM flight. I asked the young man how long it took to get to the airport he said 45 minutes and then I asked if it was going directly and he said no it had to go to the Grand Floridian next. Once it gets to the airport it’s still has to stop at all the terminals. There is no way our kids would’ve made the flight. Fortunately they were able to find a taxi that had two car seats and they barely made it there in time. I would say if you’re going, do not depend upon them and make your own arrangements. No sense having all that stress spoiling a magical vacation

  9. Marcy

    This same situation happened to us about a year ago. It was nerve wracking to say the least. We got lucky at OKW. The concierge was right on top of the situation. He should have by passed where the bus was and focused more on getting someone there. After an hour he did just focus on getting 4 groups to the airport.

  10. Lisa Yetman

    Husband and I went to WDW earlier this year (Spring) and ended up standing in the terminal at MCO for an hour and a half – just to get on the ME bus to our resort.
    If you are contracted through a certain date, you should KEEP RUNNING AT FULL CAPACITY until your contract is ended – in this case, January…not cut your fleet by a third, half, or whatever fractional amount just because! Mears was truly not the most reliable in good times and they continue with their poor managerial style right to the end. Here’s a BIG opportunity for another company to step up and succeed were Mears has been failing. I’m surprised Disney and Mears haven’t parted ways before this!

  11. Joanna Coors

    On my trip in October I waited for the Magical Express which never showed up. Luckily a Mears van driver had just pulled up and he called his dispatcher who told him there was no record of a pickup for me all while I was standing there with the letter telling me what time to be picked up. He took me directly to the airport with no other stops, so that was a win. I booked a private service for my December and January trips!

  12. Michelle A Gilmore

    Our last ride on Disney’s magical express was not so magical when we went down to November for destination D23. We were really looking forward to the ride because we knew it would be our last.

    The experience was not magical at all we were loaded onto a plain Mears coach bus. There was no disney magic express video to watch it was just simply a ride.

    We always considered our magical express bus ride as the beginning of our trip and always looked forward to it. Sure we will miss magic express but we were very disappointed that our last ride was not Disney’s magical express it was simply a Mears coach bus ride.

  13. Pat Nichols

    We used Magical Express on Dec. 1, and the wait at MCO to go to Disney was 2 hours 20 minutes. This was at 1 PM. The line stretched all the way thru that level of the terminal. Return trip was perfect.

  14. Cindy S

    We have never had any trouble with ME in all the years we’ve used it. We planned a trip this month to be able to get the free service one more time. We arrived on 12/5 and the line for ME was the length of the terminal. We were very surprised. Thankfully once we got through the line there was a bus waiting for us. On our return trip our bus was 30 minutes late. And there weren’t enough seats for everyone. Lots of kids had to sit in parents laps. And the microphone wasn’t working so we couldn’t hear a thing the bus driver was saying. We were thankful that we made our flight with the long TSA line. If Meer wants to keep our business they are going to have to do better in the future.

  15. Sarah

    Former CM, in bell services, here. If this didn’t happen at least once a week, it was considered a strange week. This is NOT a new (or because the program is ending) problem. At all. It happened frequently when I worked resorts.

  16. Pete

    And on top of everything, the baggage handling that you used to get at the airport is gone. On the plus side, if they give trouble getting from the airport, you’ll have your bags with you to take an Uber at the last minute vs waiting hours for the ME bus.

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