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Kilimanjaro Safaris vehicle

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    If you drop your phone near a rhino…talk to a cast member.
    Or, let the rhino KEEP it.

  2. Troy

    Way back in 79′ or 80′ my parents took us to Disney World and we were staying in the A-frame Contemporary hotel. I don’t remember which year so I was either 12 or 13 and hotel guests had the run of the park after the other people had to go back to their cars and the lines were non-existent. I remember riding Pirates completely by myself a couple times in a row and on the 3rd ride climbed out when the boat went close to the side and explored the whole ride from behind the scenes and took a couple of “gold” coins as souvenirs to prove I had done it. I very nearly got caught by park workers but it totally seemed worth it! In today’s world of cameras everywhere you couldn’t get away with it even if a parent would let a kid lose in the park completely alone.

    1. Gern Blanston


      That never happened!


  3. Joseph

    I witnessed something shocking at the toll plaza area. Disney charged us 25 dollars for us to be able to park in their parking lot… No not valet ..just to park.

    1. PeglegsPiotr

      Yeah nothing new, imagine if you have a 4 day park ticket, that’s still going to be 25 a day! Really gotta save up a nice budget to hand it over to the mouse 🐭

      1. Joseph

        Yes and I know prices go up but went to get Mickey ear ice cream bar and it was 7 bucks… C’mon man… Maybe Disney should pick the two slowest months of the year and do roll back to 80s pricing…. Prob see alot more smiling faces!!

        1. Dave

          You assume Disney actually cares about its patron’s.

        2. Lanie

          Doesn’t even have to be the 80’s. In 2010 a Mickey bar was $3.50. The price has literally doubled in just 11 years.

  4. Tracey

    I didn’t witness it but I was there that day when the this idiot did this. I do recall the ride stopping longer then usual but had no idea this occurred. But would explain why the tide took longer.

  5. Linda

    I was on the boat when the person tried to get the cucumber. The “driver” immediately made an announcement to stay in the boat. The person was escorted out of the park & riders were told they would be banned from returning

  6. Wayne

    We were just at Disney,rode Tower of Terror got stuck at the top took about 35 minutes for them to get us out.

  7. UncleMookie

    I was stuck EXACTLY where the photo from Pirates depicts…the jailhouse with the dog.

    After 20 minutes, someone said out loud “I wanna kill that dog!” After 30 minutes, someone at least shut the sound down to our relief.

    We ended up walking out with an escort through narrow hallways…

  8. MCollier

    Unbelievable, people get more stupid everyday…. Follow the directions they literally tell you if you drop something to leave it and tell a CM at the beginning of every safari ride .. smh

  9. Anthony

    My family were on the People Mover in the mid-90s headed past Space Mountain, when something flew out of the ride and struck an elderly woman in the head. Turns out it was a camcorder battery that flew out of Space Mountain. Never heard what happened after we returned to the station.

  10. Matt


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