Comments for Video Reveals How Disney Prevents “Limbs Being Chopped Off” On Rides

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Credit: Disney


  1. Steve L.

    Ha, I’m 100% positive that device doesn’t fit down the entry tunnels at Space Mountain as you can most definitely touch in those. I have personally touched something with my right hand on the blue track shortly after the start as it transitioned into a right hand turn. It was smooth, so I’m sure Disney is aware of it, but it sure got my attention! It was a light brush on my fingertips and felt like it was designed to divert you away from something. I trust Disney has it all worked out as they’ve had millions on that ride without any significant incidents. I still go hands up…but it is a pretty bouncy ride that way.

  2. Jeff

    Agreed. I know I’m taller than average, and did feel my fingertips graze the roof of the Matterhorn’s climb tunnel.

    After that, I keep my hands and arms down. Haha

  3. Matthew

    What the article fails to mention is that ALL new roller coasters in all theme parks the world over use devices like that to check the clearance envelope. Not just Disney lol.

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