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Spaceship Earth EPCOT

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  1. Chris

    Is this really worth an article? I think you should be concentrating on other, more positive news stories.

    1. Christopher

      I agree.

      1. Jerry M

        I’m a huge Disney fan! I’ve been countless times. I haven’t been in a few years due to $$$. I keep up with the latest Disney news and am sad that DISNEY has become a money-grubbing, penny-pinching, customer-service-be-damned, profit-at-all-cost, fraud of a pretend ICONIC NATIONAL TREASURE that Walt Disney would fire everyone for having created! I’m afraid that I’ve been to Disney for the last time years ago…

        1. D. Lewis

          I couIdn’t have said it better! I’m FURIOUS at how WDW has changed for the worse in everything they do. I mean, c’mon, charging an extra $15+ per person per ride for what was a free fast-pass. Before, besides booking a hotel room, nothing was needed prior to arrival. Now you have to plan your day with meals, fast-pass times and more 6 months or so prior, and pay extra money for the privilege. I know that WDW is not a charity but I think they’ve hit a breaking point with a lot of people. With Universal and Busch Gardens a short drive away, I would love to see people express their outrage by boycotting WDW and have $$ speak for us sad and angry life-long Disney fans (don’t even get me started on Disney+ and how that’s fractured streaming)!

    2. mike

      you may not like these types of articles but they need to be written. I’m a long time passholder and I admit I’m not a fan of the current CEO and I’m not alone. We would love it if Disney was a company that woke up every day covered n fairy dust to create a magical day but they aren’t. They make mistakes just like every other company and I personally can tell that morale is at an all time low… you can just feel it in the park. If no one talks about it and we all just put on the magical blinders, nothing gets better. Disney is failing both the employees and the guests and they need to know it.

  2. Tiffanie Alexander

    The cast members are downright belligerent. I was accosted and witnessed disabled people harassed and ignored. I’ve been to Disney more times than I can count and there is no excuse for the current state of affairs with their cast.

    1. Mike

      The Magic is getting lost on greed. Greedy a hole ruining the company now.

  3. Tiffanie Alexander

    Yes, I think it is worth it. I literally pay twice what I would pay to go to Europe to go to Disney. Service used to be one of their biggest bragging points, it isn’t the happiest place on earth if cast members are separating families so they can’t find each other.

    1. I was at DW in October. 90% of hand sanitizers were empty. Staff were not as friendly . Saw many on their cell phones.

      1. Patrick

        Actually….remember…what goes around comes around! Castmembers are frequently accosted verbally….daily! Lighten-up! Email the higher-ups with your issues……don’t belittle the cast trying hard to assist(arrogant self serving guest)a

        1. Bill Murray

          and just like that… we get what you all deserve

  4. Luis

    Currently at Epcot, not sure if this is part of the same “sabotaging” effort but, the rides have been breaking left and right. We’ve been on a single ride today and it’s 2:00 pm. The sit down restaurants are empty but the wait time is still over an hour. We made the virtual line for the ratatouille ride at 7:00 am sharp (literally clicked the second it went live) and the wait time had continued to grow until right now we are expected to ride after 5:00pm.

  5. Pete

    Starts right up at the top. If upper management doesn’t care, then the lower management rungs won’t care and eventually the line workers. Expect to see this type of thing in the other parks and more often.

    1. Chris

      We were a little disappointed earlier this month when visiting both Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Although some of the staff are very friendly (not the ones administering the Mickey Mouse meet) and there still seems to be a little bit of magic, there is a real lack of characters just around the park for the kids to see or interact with. Our 2 year old didn’t get to see Elsa anywhere which was kind of our main goal. And within 2 full days at both parks the only 1 character we finally stumbled upon was Winnie the Pooh. Epcot was boring tbh and it’s all about shopping and spending there. There doesn’t appear to be any attempt at real entertainment.

    2. Tiffany C

      I agree with the present or former cast member. We recently were at Epcot and it’s not only dirty but smells. I don’t know if it’s due to the maze of construction walls that you wind around or a sewage issue. Magic Kingdom was not as clean either. We would never see popcorn or garbage on main street but this is now the case.

    3. mike

      amen.. I work at an enterprise size company and this is 100% true.

  6. rg

    As another former cast member I would have to agree. Management is bleeding both the guests and cast. It shows in just about everything going on. From guests being accosted on social media to the Genie+ fiasco.
    Clearly turnover has become a problem, much of the behavior I’ve seen would’ve been inexcusable while I worked there.

  7. Timothy D

    I agree with the viewpoints of the former cast member.

  8. Dana

    I have been going to Disney at least once a year since the 90’s. My last visit over the summer I did witness some of this. For example in the Magic Kingdom on Big Thunder Railroad I literally had to step over mounds of garbage overflowing from the trash cans throughout the line and this is something I had never experienced before.

  9. This will continue as long as we allow it.

  10. Gary L VenRooy

    I went over the summer, and for the price I paid, there could be someone following me around the entire time picking up just my garbage – and they’d still make a huge profit. You can’t keep raising the prices and decreasing the service quality. Everyone recognizes what you’re doing. If not turned around soon, Disney will turn into just another Six Flags.

  11. Disney has some MBA’s that desperately need to be fired


    Was at WDW in early Dec. The parks were pretty busy and it felt understaffed. Most of the cast was very pleasant but a few were very busy, a bit frazzled and they were a bit short with guests. No amount of “magic” training can overcome that. Also, blaming the workers as the root cause is rarely correct. A drop in leadership is usually the cause. It is apparent the Disney is cash grabbing where they can – genie+ is an obvious example. Maybe they are shorting staff or just suffering with staffing like many companies. With all that we had a great time.

  13. See Had

    Was just at all the parks two weeks ago, and can vouch that 90% of 20+ sanitizer dispensers were empty. Most of the cast was trying, but I didn’t feel like I was getting value for the money we spent.

  14. vero

    Was at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood and animal kingdon in December 2021 for the 50th celebrations…I thought the staff was great honestly BUT definitely felt like profit was the main focus at Disney. From the 60$ meals ( hotdogs and stale chips) to the extremely expensive disney resorts (animal kingdom lodge, art of animation hotel) that felt run down and not worth the price paid. Disney parks were very well organized though and Genie+ was great as long as you were booking at exactly 7am AND bought extra lightening lanes. Need to be extremely organized to be able to go on rides, they dont have enough spaces available for the amount if Genie passes sold.

  15. Chris

    My daughter was a CM before the pandemic. This article is really sad blaming everything on the Cast Members. It’s the middle of a pandemic, they aren’t getting paid much, low morale, people getting sick and really belligerent guests. Who WANTS to be treated like garbage? We should be commending people in these low paying customer service jobs, not putting them down just because people think they deserve the “Disney” royal treatment – it’s not their fault (blame the company – they don’t make the rules). Just because they work from Disney doesn’t mean they aren’t dealing with the same exact issues as fast food/retail workers are these days. Next time you are at Disney, especially when you see a not so happy CM…the best thing you can do is say thank you to them for everything they do despite all the hardships.

    1. Dan

      Well said. CMs need our support and love more now than ever.

    2. A parent

      Agreed, the CM and the interns ar truly not the issue (they are the scapegoat). The guests are angry because they are overpaying for mediocre quality.. well look to the leadership! Disney is screwing you not the kids who work there! The interns make $13 an hour, they each pay $175 a week in housing and spend up to 2 hours getting back and forth getting to work (which isn’t paid) on disneys transportation system. They are working 32-40 hours a week (no overtime) and are being yelled at non stop. Try to remember that these are college students…. Have a heart. It might be their first time away from home… and again they didn’t screw you over….

  16. Dan

    This is not unique to just Disney. All across the US the customer service industry morale is at an all-time low. This is due to the terrible treatment from guests as well as management. The whole service industry is vastly understaffed and overworked. This isn’t the fault of the cast member but of management. First, cast members are not security. They should never have to enforce policies or rules. No teenager should be spit on or hit because they were told to tell guests to put on a mask. Next, many hands make light work and it’s easy to give guests a magical experience when you’re not overworked, underpaid, and being treated like dirt by hundreds of self intitled guests who have forgotten how to act like a decent human being. Finally, just like any company leadership can make or break a business and everything I’ve seen falls squarely on the poor leadership at Disney Parks for the last couple of years.

  17. Jon

    There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of service has deteriorated over time. But given the circumstances, a raging global pandemic that has not slowed down in the last two years, Disney has done a good job navigating the turbulence and continuing to make memories for families. If you were a cast member, and were paid near minimum wage, the attractiveness of that position and willingness to go above and beyond would have to be based solely on the individual. Cast members can easily walk off the job and find a superior job for better wages and benefits given the current labor market. If you do not like the service that you are provided I recommend that you speak up so you will be able to voice your concerns. But do not expect the elite customer service you received before 2019 because those times are gone. The increased monetization of attending Disney theme parks has also created a greater expectation from guests to experience the best hospitality in the world. The increase in prices is a stark contrast to the moderate decline in customer service and lack of quality cast members. My recommendation is to stay away from the Disney parks for now, let construction of the Tron roller coaster complete its course, and then go on a dream vacation when the pandemic subsides. Good luck out there. There’s always Universal.

  18. Jo

    Was just there 1 a week ago. Very disappointed and shocked how cast members are at disney. Been there many times never experienced the rudeness from cast members until this year. Store shelves with old merchandise. They all were blaming merchandise stuck at the port. For the price you shell out for disney its was so
    disappointing. Guess the need to go back to basics.

  19. Han Solo

    Ban Karen’s from DL. Or everywhere. World will be a better place. The entitled cause DL to be so expensive. Just like the jack frost did in Santa 3.

  20. D. Lewis

    My 2 cents:
    I’m absolutely furious at how WDW has changed for the worse in everything they do. The exorbitant prices and inconveniences from charging an extra $15+ per person per ride (!!!) for what was a free fast-pass, to needing to plan your day with meals, fast-pass times and more 6 months or so prior, to the snarly Booking Cast who used to be very accommodating but now echo the corporate line of “Take it or leave it. We really don’t need your money because if you don’t come, there’s a long line of those who will”. I know that WDW is not a charity but I hope they’ve reached a breaking point with a lot of people who will realize that Universal, Sea World and Busch Gardens are a short drive away, I would like call for a boycott of everything Disney Parks to express our profound disappointment and outrage and to unite by calling Disney and quote from the great movie Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

  21. Gretchen

    For all of those complaining about Disney, unless you have been a CM, you don’t really understand what goes on backstage. With Covid running rampant, the supply chain issues, short staffing, and the entitlement that is being thrown about (I’m an annual Passholder/Vacation Club member so I deserve MORE than everyone else) it’s not fair to always call out the CM as the issue. As far as I can see (and I am an annual Passholder) the CM are doing their best with what is available right now. I don’t think any of them want to pick up a dropped mask or knapkin right now. (Covid much?) And so many things are being placed on their plates, maybe a Guest gets what they give? I’ve never had a bad interaction with a Cast Member, but then I treat them with the respect and kindness I expect from them. It’s a two way street people. Just my opinion. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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