Comments for Bustling Disney After Hour Crowds Cause Big Backup as Guests Attempt to Exit Park

disney crowds

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Um…I don’t think “Laura” is human. Not a way to report it to you as a bot, but I think her full name is “LauraBot 3000”. Just a hunch.

    Now, regarding the story:
    It’s been getting colder at night here in Florida, which makes situations like this all the more uncomfortable. They have been opening up the parks to full capacity (it is obvious), without adjusting the monorail/ferry/transportation to accommodate. Pathetic to end a great time at the event, with misery like this. That is bound to be the memory many leave with.

  2. Derrick

    This person shouldn’t be posting. They have no clue and are trying to troll.

  3. Jason C

    How about Disney stop allowing park hopping to Magic Kingdom at 4pm on after hours days. It will eliminate the people who just flock there to see fireworks and cause this logjam. You’d still have crowd concerns, but it wouldn’t be this big of a mess

    1. Manny

      How about Disney just allow breach of contract for selling park hopper tickets and then not allowing people to park hop.

      Maybe instead of being above capacity they should stick to a cap especially during the Holidays which is peak season and has historically been a problem.

  4. Steffi Finnerty

    Leaving WDW MK after any event is horrible. There are always huge crowds and no assemblance of order. I either leave before or sit around and wait for the crowds to disperse. It is scary when you have little ones in tow. They should do something to reduce the mob.

  5. Manny

    To add to Steffi and over the years that is what it is becoming a mob with fights breaking out due tensions that were stirred over the previous administration.

    It is going to take a lot of work to reverse the damage done to race relations.

    Those that were told it is okay to speak your mind even though you are a bigot have to beaten down till their hateful ways become a thing of the past.

    1. L.

      Way to bring politics in on something that has absolutely nothing to do with it. (eye rolling) Seek help Manny.

    2. Dsnyland


  6. Ricardo

    Isnt this how it always is leaving the park night or closing? Last time i was there it was a stand still to leave after every fireworks show.

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