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Monorail lighting for 50th anniversary

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    I have an original poster size printed aerial view of WDW with proposed monorail track and Downtown Disney resorts that never were, like treehouses and such. I should retrieve it from the garage and frame it. A friend found it tucked away in one of the retired SpectroMagic floats (Strange as it sounds).

    1. Rich

      Nice idea but it has been breaking down so much that the system would need serious upgrade before implementing.

    2. Steve

      The treehouses do exist to this day.

  2. Von

    They need to add some sort of shuttle inside DTD/Disney Sorings. We used to head to DTD after a day in a park, get something to eat, people watch and then grab a bus back to our resort. Now it takes forever for tired kids and adults to hike ALL the way to the far end to catch a bus. It’s a miserable distance after a long day.

    1. Gern Blanston


      Isn’t the bus depot now in the middle? You should only need to walk halfway to catch a bus.


      1. Sue

        No, since the parking garages were built, the only bus depot at Disney Springs is at the far end of it past Cir de Ole. The other far end is for taxis and dropoffs.

        1. Stuart Smith

          There is a bus depot in the middle, directly between the lime and orange garages. They have a sherriff on patrol at the entrance because it is right by one entrance to the Lime garage and cars love to turn in where the buses are only allowed. It is behind some of the buildings and you have to know where to go through to get it but it is there.

  3. Trisec

    Sure, Disney can always expand the monorail. But they’re only interested in profit – that will be an excuse to raise tickets to $200/day next.

  4. EricJ

    There was a lot of talk about monorail, until the accident a few years back, and now they’re off the horse until something happens to the Epcot/Caribbean/Studios Skyway system that was supposed to replace it.

    At one point during Eisner Disney-Decade hubris, they were thinking of building transportation out to the Airport, but FL’s current Brightline rail has troubles enough of its own.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi EricJ.
      I would imagine the cost vs. the accident would be the biggest factor for not doing anything.
      RE: Skyway
      I loved the Skyway at Disneyland and WDW.
      I would NOT have stopped it because some crazy guest(s) decided to act in an unsafe manner.
      RE: Brightline
      I love the idea of a privately-owned passenger rail service and very much hope Brightline succeeds. It would be nice if they could go ahead with the line from the airport to Tampa, stopping at WDW (at some convenient point).
      I read that the local governments were wanting to add cost to Brightline because of reduced use of their toll roads. How sad! We need more Brightlines, and all this does is discourage the concept.
      Thank you for your comment – have a blessed holiday time ahead.

  5. Brb

    The monorail looks great but isn’t real efficient. Can’t add a load of cars because of station size . I think if I remember correctly it’s over a million dollars a mile so it will never be added to


    I think the People Mover or the Monorail should go to Disney Springs, That would reduce traffic and would be a cool ride.

  7. Ken Brenner

    A nice subject to discuss for once…
    I will preface this by indicating I love passenger trains, whether monorail, people mover, or a traditional train on tracks. So, my comments will be a bit biased.
    Personally, I’d like to see some sort of “train” (monorail or people mover) to Disney Springs.
    Also, whatever they build, I’d suggest it go to Animal Kingdom as well.
    I’ve ridden the skyliner, and found it fun and easy to use.
    However, I still find the monorail the best and most enjoyable to ride.
    I understand it is expensive, but would be a good capital expenditure for the long-term good of all WDW.
    I welcome everyone’s comments…
    And, God Bless for a wonderful holiday month!

  8. Stephen

    My guess is they will now expand the Disney Skyliner system. The whole thing was developed as a cheaper alternative to additional monorail tracks. The priority should be connecting Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the rest of the resort.

  9. Kenr

    A monorail to anyplace new is never going to happen. They won’t want people parking for free at DS and taking a monorail to the parks. They also have needed to replace the existing monorail trains but have not, I assume because of the 10 million per train costs. They need to save that money to re-theme attractions like Splash Mountain to appease the woke snowflakes.

    1. Joem

      Your last sentence invalidates your other thoughts.

      1. rose

        Only to you which we can care less what you think is invalidated

  10. Dulcie

    Some sort of modern transportation system between the parks and resorts is sorely needed, but I think the monorail is probably a dinosaur in that respect now. I can’t see them adding to the monorail, but maybe in the distant future, replacing it with something more functional. I can’t imagine it being the Skyliner either due to weather concerns.

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