Comments for Construction Moving Quickly at EPCOT’s ‘Moana’-Inspired Attraction

moana epcot attraction


  1. I like Moana. I am looking forward to staying in a moana room at Polynesian when we go in March. It seems out of place to put an Animal Kingdom Oasis section (calling it Moana) in future world behind Spaceship Earth. It also seems weird to chose an Animal Kingdom Oasis section considering Animal Kingdom is not a money maker park. The Magic kingdom and Disney Studios carries the other parks.

  2. AMJ

    Looking forward to seeing just how this all comes together. Maybe if they moved the Stargate and 4 Tacosout of the lake those obnoxiously large constructions could be used as water features in the Moana feature? It could speed up the project.

  3. Ken Brenner

    Hi. This “attraction” is out of place in Epcot, just like Frozen, Guardians, and Ratatouille.
    WDW has 3 other parks for such as this.
    Epcot’s uniqueness and attraction was it was the only park of its type, with informational pavilions/”rides” and a very beautiful setting.
    Now. the beauty has been replaced by:
    1. Construction, non-ending
    2. The awful barges in the lake
    It is very sad what a few bad leaders are doing to Epcot and WDW in general (i.e. Splash Mountain).
    They are quickly alienating long-time supporters like me.
    Very sad…

  4. Kevin

    Sounds like it’ll be similar to the Avatar “light” experience in Animal Kingdom. I’m looking forward to seeing this. Hope it’ll be ready by April, for our trip, but I doubt it’ll be ready by then.

  5. Kenr

    “Construction moving quickly”, are you kidding me? The leisurely pace of construction for both Epcot and the Tron attraction should be an embarrassment. Somehow Disney managed to drain and clean Bay Lake, build two resorts, build the Magic Kingdom, Build monorails, 30+ miles of canals, and a construct an on-sight power plant in 6 years. Now it takes that long to refurbish a “land”.

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