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  1. Nicole

    I didn’t know the 50th Mickey head soap dispenser had soap, so I had to leave it with TSA , or go through security again to dump out the soap , and possibly miss my flight. Needless to say I wasn’t happy . It was one of the only 50th merch that I purchased out of the slim pickings 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Ron

      I believe it stays it contains soap on the box.

  2. Share

    They used to sell toys guns in Frontier Land that looked like real rifles only smaller with the orange ends. Unsure if they are still sold at all but we were able to bring it home in checked luggage. But they did take away our snow globes. I think Disney should make people aware of that restriction when someone is purchasing a snow globe. TSA has a whole table of them that has been taken.

    1. Sharie Wens

      I believe that they should have a set up where they have a box for passengers to place their items, that could not be brought on the plane.
      Seal it up, put your name on. The box has a duplicate tag on it. One tag stays on the box, they give you the other tag. Then the box goes below on the plane. When you get to your destination you claim your box with the tag.
      Otherwise TSA keeps these items and I am sure that they keep them for gifts to give to others themselves. It is just organized thievery. Depending on the item, they used to give you an envelope so you could mail the item home or wherever. They charged $10.95 for this envelope which I could have mailed it for $.75 cents. They tried very hard to talk me out of mailing it. They wanted the item themselves. As we left one security person said to the other one “To bad she mailed it I would have liked that”. I felt like complaining to a manager, but who knows what hoops they would have made me go through the next time we flew.

  3. Jep

    That’s when this idiocy started….back in 2001 right after the attacks. As if you can make a bomb out of a snowglobe or liquid soap. Americans are beyond stupid. When we allowed them to confiscate our personal property under the guise of “security”, why are we surprised when they order us to involuntarily muzzle up and force us by threat of blackmail to get 3 doses of an experimental serum that doesn’t prevent illness or infection for a virus that’s 99% survivable.

    1. Sue

      Totally agreed. In my personal opinion the TSA agents pick and choose so they can keep the items they want. I once made a huge scene when a TSA agent tried to keep my snow globe (for God’s sake I bought it at the Disney store in the airport!). So another TSA agent took me back to the Disney store to have it shipped and then she took me back to my party bypassing security.

    2. AH

      You could make a bomb in a snow globe or in a soap container, but yes the current security is just the appearance of security. It is government after all.

    3. Joe jones

      Gotta work that anti-vax agenda into a comment on TSA… Why am I not surprised?

    4. Jordan

      You can make a bomb appear to be just about anything though. They can’t take the risk of someone possibly trying to sneak something in, but that doesn’t fit with your theory that the government is trying to control us with face masks and limit the size of soap we can bring with us. You honestly sound a little crazy, I hope you know that

  4. Daniel McDonald

    Hey guys blah blah TSA! blah blah DISNEY!….. Blah blah blah, no liquids….this article is written by someone who talks about being baller but when they go to the bank they take out $20 in singles to make it rain.

  5. ShawnP

    The information is inaccurate that is posted. It states 72 hours for a Covid test to enter the US but it’s actually 1 day now.

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