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  1. Chris

    There is an issue with the inflated wait times that no one is discussing and that is those who need to use a DAS are now waiting the inflated wait times as well, so Disney needs to adjust to try to make them more accurate to maintain equal access.

  2. George

    We were there from 10/22 to 10/31.
    Wait times were way off. Subscribed to the Touring Plans app. One year price is the same as one Genie+ for one person.
    Times much more accurate there.
    You can even submit wait times yourself on their app.
    Genie is a joke compared to the TP app.

    1. Shalena

      We were also there Nov 4th through the 13th. I can tell you that very few of the wait times we saw were off. Rise said 130 minutes, and we waited every bit of that… Same with Buzz Lightyear at 35 minutes, Slinky at 95 minutes, Frozen Ever After at 55 and many others. We felt like we stood in line WAY more this trip than any in the past. I will say that my brother went on Rise shortly before us, and they had 120 minutes posted, but then there was a mechanical issue, lots of people got out of line, so their wait time was significant less.

  3. Moose

    Could the wait times be off because they are expecting more LL users than are showing up? And this is throwing off their ratio of LL to standby?

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