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  1. Malcom

    Hopefully not. The vaccines aren’t working and more “fully vaccinated “ people are dying at high rates. 57% of my ER was “fully vax” and 36% went into ICU. This is political overreach and clearly not about health. I have a 20yo female that is neurologically fk’d from the vaccine.. 50yo healthy male in heart failure- from vaccine. This is not political.. I’m seeing this first hand on the ground

    1. So right

      Thank you Malcom for your transparency and honesty! I have lost faith and trust for those in the medical field because of all this. The lies and propaganda that we’ve seen is shocking. The things I’ve seen in California has been traumatizing. I’m so glad we moved to Florida. Yet the medical community has still lost their minds about things. What we’ve seen is so non scientific, such as natural immunity not counting, the cdc keeps throwing out all 90 + research studies that prove people who recovered from the virus have a stronger more robust immunity to the virus….. Now I’ve seen horrifying things from the jab yet it’s silenced in the media and medical community. Any doctor that speaks truth is silenced and it also angers me that life saving remedies are being silenced and there’s a major disinformation about them…. We live in a crazy world… 😔

    2. Jordan

      Where are you getting these numbers? An simple google search can show that your numbers are inaccurate. I had a coworker who wasn’t vaccinated and got Covid, but I never got anything and feel completely fine. Some people have negative reactions just like any other vaccine. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

      1. Coloradoluvr

        I have first hand knowledge of 2 attorneys in my office that got the shot (considered “fully vaxed” and still got COVID. The best part is one of them exposed our entire office because he thought it was “just pneumonia”. Just because you get jabbed doesn’t mean you can’t get it or spread it. Sorry, but a “Google” search 😂 Clown.

        1. Jordan

          How am I the clown when I was referring to the numbers this person was trying to pass as evidence. Like I said, a simple google search would show that he’s wrong. Nowhere in my sentence did it say you can’t get covid after getting the shot. So maybe you need to do a better job at ready and try less at being a clown yourself

  2. E Bakle

    It’s bad enough that prices are higher with less amenities. No fast pass without paying for it! If Disney world starts this I am out for good! I don’t mind wearing a mask but not getting a shot to enjoy Disney!

    1. Jordan

      They didn’t say you need a shot to go. You can have a negative test result within a certain time frame to go. Besides, they are talking about Japan, so unless you want to travel overseas and then go to the park, I think you are fine…

  3. Sue

    All of you are so right. This is getting out of hand. The government is crazy what happened to freedom. Of choice. The government is not going to tel me to take a shot. I know people who have died after taking it. But you don’t here that. And at first they said the vaccine is so good. Then why the hell if you got the vaccine they tell you to wear a masks which. That right there should tell you something that this whole vaccine is crap. But yet people believe. And you can lose you job Bc you don’t take it. Bull. And where is proof all these so called government officials got the vaccine. A piece of paper or there word.

  4. Sue

    I have said this before and I will say again. As a major international corporation Disney is part of the problem. It was Bob Iger that first introduced masks a couple of weeks ahead of any medical professional. Disney executives such as Bob Iger and Bob Chapek are apart of the wealthy class, along with government leaders, Bill Gates and George Soros that want all the money for themselves and control the rest of the population.
    It is definitely NOT about our health; it is about CONTROL, CONTROL AND MORE CONTROL.
    The supposedly climate change is the exact same thing – control the population and their movements.
    The government leadership of Orange County, Florida definitely takes their instructions from Disney. Hopefully the new laws being proposed to make it illegal to request proof of vaccine as well as any employer requiring vaccination will pass.

    1. Sue

      DeSantis is working on it. I’ve given up on Disney. I no longer go and am selling my stock

      1. Tad

        Sorry to see you go Sue. One would think you’d enjoy the stock prices rising, more money to spend at the Parks? I always enjoyed your posts about the wealthy elite taking over the world. Reminds me of the old cartoon “Pinky and the Brain” , which was a Steven Spielberg production. Another billionaire wanting to rule the world. Maybe the Force can save us all? You know, Star Wars, another Steven Spielberg production. 🙂

  5. Nikki

    So when do we stand up and say ENOUGH? Shame on Disney and other big players for doing this. WE, the consumers, need to show them who is really in control. Stop giving them your money!!

    1. R


  6. SPB

    I hope not since you can still get and spread covid even fully vaccinated.

  7. Steve

    I’m from the UK and I know how hard it has been for you all in the states. I’m fortunate to have had my 3rd jab due to underlying health conditions due to my time in the Military and last year, I spent 9 weeks in hospital with Covid. For me personally the covid vaccinations have saved my life so I am all for having covid passports on my NHS app. It also allows me to visit the place I call my second home, the USA and Walt Disney World which I love. Without the jabs and proof, I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the parks as I’d have to isolate first so I am all for the passport scheme as I know other UK Disney fans are wanting to be there. Thats my thoughts right or wrong, I think its the way forward and like having the flu jab yearly this will become the norm. Stay safe to you all across the pond and hope to see you next September.

    1. Jd

      I’m sorry you had a hard time with Covid but let’s be honest…you have less than a 1% chance of being admitted into the hospital with covid whether you are vaccinated or not. People have been lied to and think it is 50% for unvaxed (thank you media for spreading lies and hiding facts). It is an extremely scary thing when you can be forced to get a shot to live your lives. They are separating us into two classes and treating one class less than another. Want to go to a restaurant or a theme park? No you are “unclean and diseased” so you can’t. Hmmm…sound familiar? People need to learn from history. The government should not be in your life.

      1. Peter

        People have learned from history. Vaccines work.

      2. Jesse

        I’m glad I’m not alone. I have been a long time passholder. My last visit to Disney world was the day before they closed. Hard to believe and take in that that particular day and days prior were completey normal. Everyone was having a great time and we’re not afraid. Now Disney has taken away the magic and spreading fear to it’s guests by enforcing a rediculous mask policy and now in tokyo a vaccine requirement. Vaccines are a good thing, but this covid vaccine is not like traditional vaccines. CDC keeps saying studies have shown that there are no long term side effects. Not true. This shot has only been around about a year now. Other Vaccines have been studied for years and years before being approved, and now millions of people are being forced to take this experimental drug under duress. The entirety of the world governments is in on it. The smallpox vaccine was developed around the year 1700. I’m preparing to lose my dream job of an airline pilot. I do not want to lose my FAA medical in the future due to some unknown reaction to an experimental drug. History is repeating itself. People should not be labeled as a disease and treated like some contagious freak. We can’t let this happen again. Many of our loved ones have given their lives for our freedoms. Hopefully we can all stand up and resist all this political tyranny on ourselves

        1. VERY well said! God Bless you!

    2. Donna

      thank you for sharing that information. Research speaks, that is what the medical world uses every day to keep us healthy!

  8. ChadMC

    I think people on here need to switch off the fake-far-right “media”. This article was about the Japanese parks for starters. I’d love it if this private corporation (Disney) put this mandate in place in the US. As a private corporation they can serve any customer they wish. There is no “constitutional right” to go into a Disney park which is a private corporation. They won’t do it, but it would be great if they did. A government banning them from doing this? Now doesn’t that seem like government control? The far-right won’t see it that way of course, but it goes both ways.

    1. Kerry

      Thank you! I don’t know what is so difficult about the concept of a park in another country having to follow that country’s laws. Clearly people don’t read before commenting.

  9. Lisa

    I strongly support vaccine passports. Requiring cast members and guests to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination would greatly reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and establish Disney parks as one of the safest – and happiest – places on earth.

    1. Coloradoluvr

      Not true. 2 attorneys at our firm contracted COVID after being fully vaccinated and one exposed everyone in our office.

  10. R

    The shot should be a “CHOICE”. WE THE people need to STOP attacking each other over those “CHOICES”. THE REAL PROBLEM IS the ruling (not governing) elitists who like Pharoah and Ceasars before them “degree” their demands, “so it is spoken, so shall it be done”. Millions of unvaxxed, unvetted illegals invading our countries borders, elitists flying them into the exterior with NO way of tracing them once they are deployed but yet YOU can not work without some erroneous papers. This is madness. Do what you must for YOUR health but do not simply comply for the sake of “peace” because I promise you worse will be coming for us all, regardless of country, politics, or status. JMHO.

  11. Yvonne

    I can not imagine this happening in WDW. For one, I can’t see Governor DeSantis allowing it to happen. In the US, the “vaccine” has become all about government control. Last I looked, we were still a free country with a Constitution. If you want the “vaccine,” go for it. If not, then don’t. The government cannot be allowed to mandate anything that affects my or your personal health.

  12. Donna

    If you have research data that proves the vaccine is harmful, produce it. Research involves the plan, data documentation, the abstract, the hypothesis, the actions on how the research was collected, the action on how the data could not be skewed and the results with the statistics of the final outcome. When you have that data produced by a reputable research team, reported in a reputable medical journal, then that is what you need to know to make your decision. If you don’t believe the medical research, all medicine is directed by research data, even the recommendation for taking tylenol or motrin! I f you don’t believe it, don’t bother going to a doctor, a hospital or taking your blood pressure pills or whatever you take, because all that is based on research! Ditch the medications, ditch your doctor, and don’t bother going to the hospital, they practice research based medicine! Have a great day!

    1. This “vaccine” doesn’t have the research you are speaking of. Does it have years of research the other medicines you mentioned? What other commenters are saying is we have been lied too so much how can we trust any of these “reputable” places or government? Money and greed are the motivators. Are there really any true scientists/researchers around anymore? If so they are employed by companies that would not allow the information to be told or MSM would not report it. Where does their research funds come from? Gates Foundation and other elite donations like them?? Even MSM has reported deaths and that the vaccinated can contact covid and spread it.

    2. Why in the heck did this become an anti vaxxers forum lol? Extremely entertaining 👏.

  13. Jesse

    I’m glad I’m not alone. I have been a long time Disney world pass holder. My last visit was the day before they closed. All The magic was their. No one was afraid. Cast members were cheerful just as before. Now Disney has taken away the magic and replaced it with fear, by placing signs everywhere, requiring masks, when before their policy was no masks even at Halloween events. Now in Tokyo a requirement to take an experimental drug or be tested. There are many other things out there that you can catch and get sick from. People should not be treated like a disease and labeled that way. Remember slavery? World Wars? History is repeating itself. Many of our loved ones have fought long and hard for our freedom and way of life. Many died. There are more of us than the tyrants in government. The whole world needs to stand up and resist this political over reach. Other vaccines have been tested for many years. Small pox vaccine was developed around the year 1700. This Covid-19 shot is experimental. I’m preparing to get fired from my dream job as an airline pilot. I could lose my FAA medical if I get this shot. CDC claims that research shows no long term effects from the Covid-19 shot. This obviously not true. This drug has only been around about a year. My accommodation if approved at the airline would require me to label my self as a disease. If we allow this to happen what’s next? Control will start to tighten even more. I’m not into outrageous conspiracy theories, but something has my attention. There is a plaque standing in the south end of the Jeppesen terminal at Denver International Airport. I haven’t been there since March so don’t know if it’s still there. It says “new world order.” Believe it or not current events are beginning to play out this way. This needs to stop. And we need to find away to bring the magic back to Disney. I know a health care worker who told me in the beginning of all this the health department came in for a presentation and told everyone basically that immune systems do not exist and to forget everything you ever learned about infectious disease. They said masks were the only way to stop the spread and they were 100% effective. They had no data to back this up. My question is…were these health care professionals threatened or brainwashed into this thinking? It’s a scary time and I hope the governments do not prevail.

  14. Angie

    Why are you posting this and creating panic for those who have trips planned IN CALIFORNIA! ?? Your article title is deceiving. This only applies to TOKYO! We almost cancelled our trip to Universal Studios California based on another false article you posted not long ago, stating you could only get in with vaccine. This is not true. I called them. You can show negative test!

    1. Jordan

      How about you read the article before jumping to conclusions? Nowhere in the article does it imply that this is for any other park besides Japan. They always say that you need to negative test result or proof of vaccination. Just take a moment and read the whole thing before making quick decisions.

  15. Mason

    Disney is forcing proof of vaccination in order to enter one of their parks? Wow I did not see that coming. They are doing it in Japan just amount of time before they do it in the United States. Yeah I said it first Disney is probably trying to force vaccine mandates in all of their parks. So just amount of time.

  16. I do not see this idea taking off in the US. it is no ones business if I have been vaccinated for Covid. No one cares if I have or not have had a flu shot. There are other communicable diseases that no ones cares about, hepatitis anyone? It is so sad that the only thing people will have a choice with is what gender/animal they identify as or if they want an abortion.

  17. Ben

    In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made Walt Disney dweebs. Credit: Walt Whitman

  18. L

    Enough with this “papers please” nonsense.

  19. Mary

    As a lifetime passholder, my family would never go again if mandates went into place. Would be the death of Disney parks to implement in US. Enough is enough.

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