Comments for Two Years Later, Disney Finally Reveals ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Plot

hocus pocus 2


  1. Katey Parson

    Will any part of the hocus pocus novel sequel even be in this? Referenced? I’m very excited but I was really hoping to see Elizabeth Sanderson brought to life. Let alone the witches mother.

  2. Jon Ackerman

    I would to like them to somehow involved the kids from the first movie now as grown adults. To see Max married to his teenage love interest. And his sister to

  3. Ranbow

    I look forward to such a thrilling witchy sequel! — This will be SpOokTaCuLar!
    I too hope we can have the previous stars at least in a cameo!
    `°•☆ I cannot wait to see Hocus Pocus II ☆•°`

    ^__^• ♡ .`°•.🎃🕯🧹.•°`.

  4. Travis Fox

    Um.. I’m still confused. Who is Cassie if only the two girls make the sisters mad? She’s never mentioned again!

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