Heartwarming Mister Rogers Statue Unveiled in Central Florida

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Images Credit: Los Angeles Time (left) / OrlandoWeekly.com (right)

“Won’t you be my neighbor?” While not located at the usual Orlando Theme Parks we all know and love, a very special ‘attraction’ has arrived in Central Florida. A Mister Rogers statue has been unveiled at Rogers’ alma mater in Winter Park, Florida and we think it’s well worth a visit. Check out the video of the heartwarming unveiling below.

Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Fred Rogers (AKA Mister Rogers) from the beloved television show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, was a man many couldn’t say enough good things about. Gentle, humble, caring, with pure kindness – this iconic children’s show star was anything but the big celebrities we may be used to seeing today. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood aired from 1968-2001 and was credited for being a childhood guide to facing real-life issues in a calm and loving way. For those who grew up watching Mister Rogers, it was almost like losing a friend when he passed away in 2003.

Credit: Kidsburgh.com

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A seven-foot-tall, 3,000-pound statue of Misters Rogers has now been unveiled at Rogers’ alma mater, Rollins College, in Winter Park, FL to honor Mister Rogers’ life and legacy. The bronze sculpture located in the Chapel Gardens portion of the campus features Mister Rogers in his memorable sweater and sneakers. He is surrounded by children with a special sculpture on the back of the castle and puppets we would see during Misters Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Credit: OrlandoWeekly.com

The statue is called “A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor” and was unveiled on October 29, despite the Florida rain. Check out the touching video coverage by WESH 2 here:

The sculpture is now open for Guests to come to see. Rollins is also offering a self-guided walking tour with booklets available for pick up in their Library.

Will you be making plans to see the “A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor” statue the next time you’re in Central Florida?

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