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Credit: Disney


  1. MuzzyFush

    Could this be the end for Roger Rabbit?
    I really hope not.

    1. EricJ

      It is.
      Bye-bye Roger (we’ve already said goodbye to Jessica), hello Ugly Cable Mickey.

    2. Chris

      Looking at the artwork, looks like Roger Rabbit is still there. Additionally, they just started revamping the ride, seems silly to do if they are just going to get rid of it.

  2. Gorak

    I’d rather they close Tomorrow land. It needs more help and has needed it for decades.

    1. Thom

      Hear Hear!!

  3. George P

    I remember when they had this attraction at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Used to live in FL I’m the 80’s and remember that area Went with my family in ’18 and saw it wasn’t there on the map when planning our trip, was a bit let down, though the updated layout was still fun.

  4. Robert Kosko

    This Will Give Them The Opportunity To Re-Theme Roger Rabbit To Jessica Rabbit’s Plot! Looking At The Concept Art, Looks Like They’re Ripping Out Goofy’s Play House To Make Way For CenTOONial Park. The Gadget Coaster Is Still In The Art. I Thought They Would’ve Shutdown Splash Mountain To Reimagine That First. I’m Guessing Princess And The Frog Isn’t A Priority.

    1. Chris

      It is also possible that they can do the majority of the rather work before shutting Splash Down, then make a few finishing touches with it shut down.

  5. Chris

    It is about time, Toontown has needed some major help since the lawyers got involved and made them eliminate Goofys bounce house, all of the fun stuff from Chip n Dale’s treehoye, the trolley, etc.

  6. Thom

    Hear Hear!!

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