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  1. Jeff

    What a gross racist thing to say that making the whistler character white it was somehow white washing the story. I get it it’s the ” right type” of racism so it our twisted bigoted society it’s acceptable. Could u imagine if a wrote wrote black washing every time they put a black person Into a classical white role. Which is prettyich half of all TV today?

    1. Jonah

      Yes, I completely agree on what Jeff is saying. Infact, this is the reason I’m commenting. The article popped up because I’m a huge big Blade fan and to say the original groundbreaking movie was white washed is horrible. Even in the comics marvel is know to change up or mix up characters… So why is called whitewashing now. Marvel will even use the same name and change it around to name a new character.. Stark / Trask ….for example.. One thing is for sure this comment was made for the “Woke” bandwagon and only to diminish the movie for the actors skin color.. that seems racist to me. Imagine someone saying The Fanatic Four Reboot movie was “BlackWashed”. You would be torn down by the Woke media, and the fact that Fox went with a Black actor for the Human Torch didn’t ruin the just was a bad movie .. I would love to see Michael B Jordan take over the Black Panther mantle because he did a great job in Black Panther…. Please people .. don’t write an article for the sake of just selling woke racist ideals .. I am excited for the new Blade and want to see a Brother / Doctor Voodoo spin off as well from Doctor Strange.

      1. David

        Thank you.
        Your absolutely correct!this is absolutely racist to call it white washing. Another example is Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, was that Blackwashing…. No it was just a casting choice and it worked great.

  2. Jonah

    Just wanted to add one last thing. There’s only two actors confirmed for the new Blade. So how can you even say they’ve undone. “Whitewashing” … Unless you know without a doubt what the script is as well who the characters are and all the actors playing them.
    I’d say this article would be considered misinformation.. just saying…..

  3. A. Nonymous

    Okay, but what about the America-washing? Was Blade still born in London in the MCU or not?!

  4. Nick

    Thanks for spoiling the post credits scene for The Eternals without even the slightest of warnings. Did you just start writing movies articles yesterday?

    1. That Other Bro

      Bro, it’s been a month…

  5. Even Best

    This is just a way to push the movie towards black audiences like they did Black Panther. Can’t a Marvel Movie just be marvel movie ? Why all the reverse racism b.s.
    To reply someone’s comment. Changing Johnny Storms ethnicity killed the Fantastic Four movie, it was wrong and if black panther would’ve been changed to a white actor all he’ll would’ve broke lose.

    1. Shawn

      Absolutely no such thing as “reverse racism” even the fact that term is used is implying only white people are “racist”!!! Racism is racism.

  6. Dtlan K

    Fire this person… what a horribly racist title. So all white people are white and all black are black?
    Also “white washing ” in BLADE when BLADE has always been “black ” . If you got nothing to write about don’t write.

  7. Brian

    White people are complaining without the slightest bit of historical context. There are dozens of examples of Black historical figures becoming white on the big screen as well as fictional characters. The studios reasoning is because they felt that white audiences (the majority) will not see their movie if it had Black lead characters. And historically, they are right. That’s why movies such as Black Panther were a big deal but even in that, some white people had a problem with the obvious “blackness” of the film. The article is responding to the bias that ALREADY exists.

  8. Will Whitehouse

    This kind of subtle diatribe is exactly the sort of bs we all need to call out together. There was no white washing in the original movie, it was well ahead of it’s time. On a seperate note, Lindo rocks, fantastic actor, but the movie will suffer if they pander toward the mass market (as marvel will do inevitably). Blade is a dark, adult comic. The producers should respect the source material and give their adult audience something to enjoy. It needs to be R-rated!

  9. Alex

    I was gonna write about how all these other commentators are delusional etc & give examples, but I’m just gonna say that the white marine in the 911 Nicholas Cage movie was actually in reality black.

  10. cole platt

    Horrible choice for a Blade character. No strong jaw or other devilish features. Very disappointed in this assignment. I have a strong feeling this movie will underperform.

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