Comments for Lawsuit Filed! Did Disney Steal Rise of the Resistance Ride Idea?

rise of the resistance stormtrooper room with r5 unit in foreground

Credit: Disney


  1. Good luck to him. The courts will probably have to decide that one. Disney said they used the Tower of Terror technology for the drop.

    1. Indy

      Star Tours does not include a lift(elevator) which is one of the components of this system being challenged. That being said, Transformers at Universal and Journey to Atlantis in San Diego both have lifts with screens with ride vehicles and those have been around for a while now. Still the actual vehicle movement mechanic inside the lift may be what is in question. While I don’t know patent law I have been through the patent process on several occasions. I’m guessing there is not much chance of success here, however it give a LOT of exposure to this little companies product so it just as likely a marketing opportunity as it is a true patent defense .

  2. Jake

    It’s a coincidence. Any person that has ridden the People Mover through the Tron part and ride Start Tours could’ve put 2 & 2 together and come up with it

  3. I think it will come down to patent law. When did Raven file theirs against when Disney submitted theirs (everything Disney does gets copyrighted, patented, trademarked). Depending how similar the designs are, that will make the determination.

  4. Scott

    If you remember many years ago the Mars ride, I believe it was, at Epcot has the same action with two screens and air pistons under the seats giving you the feeling of liftoff and “weightlessness”. Old tech that Disney had a VERY long time ago.

  5. Erik

    Kinda moot isn’t it? It is like saying universal and every other theme park operator infrigened on Disney’s idea of opening a theme park. Or the hub and spoke, the dark ride, the themed boat ride, the themed roller coaster, the tubular steel roller coaster. Animatronics.

    1. Danielle Rush

      Perhaps this guy is telling the truth. I wouldn’t put it past Disney to do something like this.

      1. KenG

        He may be but the system has been there going back to Star Tours:
        “ The movement on the tower is synced with the video screen and the seat’s movements, making the theme Park ride experience feel more immersive and real. ”

        —-That’s exactly what Star Tours had been doing for decades! Remember those simulators (Star Speeders) are on a gimble “tower” that sync movement with the screen….As does Soarin’……As does Tower of Terror or Guardians at DCA and so on.
        This guy just wants a pay day!

  6. Kirk

    There’s a little automated reply that happens when you try to communicate with Imagineering stating they do not take submissions of ideas.

    This is the reason why.

  7. KenG

    In the tech world you would called this guy a “patent troll” and they typically go after the likes of Apple and google, etc.
    Same thing here, nothing more. And as another comment said, they had already done this with Tower of Terror and then Guardians Breakout.

    1. Chris

      No, it really, they work with Universal and presumably other theme parks, not necessarily everything they patent gets used, but a lot does. A patent troll never uses any of their stuff and just goes after other companies. If this company is a patent troll, then Disney would be too because the patent lots of ideas that never become reality as well.

      And yes, this company likely has some legal ground to stand on.

  8. Sue

    Well, hate to burst both of their bubbles, but Paramount came up with this first when they had the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas for 10 years.

    1. Bruce

      Hate to burst your bubble but Star Tours opened in 1987, 11 years before the Star Trek Experience. If you watch the behind the scenes documentary on Star Tours on Disney+, you’ll see how Disney basically had to invent the technology to makes a motion controlled ride that syncs up with a video display.

      1. Matt

        And to bust both of your bubbles all of these are copied from full motion airplane simulators which have been around since the 1954 Curtis-Wright full motion video simulators used by United Airlines.

  9. Terrence

    I looked up the company. The lawsuit is frivolous. Totally isn’t patent infringing. No patent id number. Imagineers have been doing the screen tech for years.

  10. Joseph

    Oh boy now Disney will have yet another reason to raise prices!!! Sweet the 8 dollar ice cream mickey will soon be 15….

  11. Ronn S

    If there is a patent to that technology and Universal Designers own it then DISNEY is screwed.

    1. John Muir

      If Universal owned it then they would be the ones suing Disney…

  12. Mike

    Good luck, Raven, on ever doing business with Disney again… or any other theme park that is afraid to get sued after listening to your idea pitches.

  13. Melanie Durham


  14. James

    Proof of patent in the article would be nice

    Frivolous lawsuits are a thing & anyone can file a lawsuit for practically anything. A lawsuit actually moving foreword is the important thing.

    The filing of the lawsuit is not news. If a Judge/Court actually allows it to proceed would be news. That would be dependent on actually showing the patent in court

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