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  1. Savage Lynx

    Give us all a freaking break, why don’t you? Rolling Stones Journalists think they are the heroes of their own stories, something Hunter Thompson started and was so much better at than these wimps who are so jealous of Johnny Depp they make total fools of themselves. The Rolling Stone rock outlet used to be something. Not any more. They should close the pages and hang it up. Nobody, not Keith, and certainly not JD was going to throw this guy off of anything or actually stick a banana up his butt, and it was the kind of get together where this so-called “journalist” admitted he was coming up with blanks and had no idea what to say so he did what that other idiot Journalist did who worked for the Rolling Stone paper who smeared Johnny and wrote that awful article criticizing JD for things he personally detested but could never validate, a pure hate piece. Keith is a rock legend and nobody heard of the journalist, and because he did not like Keith, he took it out on them both. Expecting Johnny to be his besties instead of Keith’s shows he has no sense of reality and is just a lost little boy taking his hate out on those he was supposed to get a rocking interview from, but he had no idea how to connect and made it all about trying to rationalize his own failings and caused what could have been an interesting interview to sing to this journalist’s own petty envy. Having nightmares because of his horrible failure is what he had!

    1. Ulav

      ^ Savage Lynx’s comment is far more well-written, contextual, fact-based, grounded-in-reality, and overall readable, than the allegedly ‘professional’ work from the ‘interviewer’. I would rather read a long article’s worth of pages populated by SL’s comments (or maybe even just the one, repeated), than re-read the few excerpted lines written by the interviewer, included here.

      1. Donna

        Wow what a crap Rag Rolling Stone once was… Imagine a Rock Mag with a journalist who hasn’t a clue about rock history.. when you go to interview someone. Isn’t it common sense to read up on them.. I’m sure Rolling Stone has a whole library of info… What a loser so called writer… I’d smack his face for not even getting that PTSD is no joke… He has nightmares of his own failings an blames it on the ppl he interviewed not his lack of journalism skills an ability to read a rm…. Smh!! #JusticeFor JohnnyDepp

      2. Andrew S.

        Well said!! The “traumatized” interviewer sounds like a spurned wannabe trying to get petty pity points from gullible readers.

      3. Savage Lynx

        Thanks for the kudos @Ulav! Like the context is to throw a monkey wrench at JD! As someone mentioned below, the fact that the editor approved the piece, shows Rolling Stone has used every opportunity they had to make themselves out to be the victor over JD. Interview Hurd if you love her so much, because you forgot all about rock’n’roll, obviously!

  2. BetterThanAmberHeard

    With everything that has come to light, why would you think putting out a negative article about Johnny Depp would make you look good? Especially since a lot of journalist do a lot of talking without knowing what they’re talking about. The first negative article Rolling Stones put out should have told them the exact response they were going to get from this one. 100% the journalists fault. No one believes your negativity anymore. Suck it up and deal with consequences.

    1. Troy Hanson

      Rolling Stone is garbage anymore.

  3. mychal foley

    rolling stones or not, a GOOD reporter ALWAYS finds out about the person or people they’re going to interview. it’s 101 in interviewing. nor does a good reporter insult the one their interviewing because they don’t know that information and it has to be pointed out to him or her. not professional in my not so humble opinion.

    1. Joyce A Valenzano

      Give me a break. Fourteen years after the interview and NOW this comes out.
      Way to jump on the anti-Depp train. Geeze!

  4. TK

    Sounds like the “reporter” is the one with an attitude problem. Jealousy is showing big time in this so called article *rolls eyes*
    I seriously hope that person find a job they k ow how to do properly. I’d have so many questions for legends like Johnny Depp and Keith Richards! Shoulda been a wicked cool time but because a rookie did the interview all WRONG we have to suffer another article about a no story bs. Do better Rolling Stone or get the heck out of the rag mag business. That is all…

    1. Donna

      I agree …. Johnny by his actions alone has never been anything but kind to everyone. Even in the leaked tapes … He tells the beater Heard I left an locked myself in my rm… A real man walks away. An abuser hates when you refuse to fight back… Johnny’s Actions thru his career speaks volumes… Not som lil girl who did not get her way an was losing all JD’s money if he divorced her… So she set him up….

  5. Just me

    Perhaps he wasn’t able to write anything at all & ruined what could have been one the best interviews ever but ended up kinda like a really bad therapy session. My advice to everyone is get a relationship with yourself. If only we were taught to love ourselves unconditionally, oh wait we can, yep just checked, there’s no law against it! Yawn

    1. Rory MCD

      Imagine having a chance like this and completely blowing it. Only to come back around and try to sound like the hero of one’s own story. The level of petty ego stroking going on here over an interview that the “journalist” ruined all on their own. Most people would count themselves lucky just to have this chance

  6. Allie

    Before asking about Iggy Pop & skull rings, a fairly average reporter would research first. Keith Richards & Rolling Stones are rock music royalty.

  7. Diane Ward

    I am fans of both artists. sounds like they were authentic and in the moment. Better they chat about skull rings rather than substances! They both are role models!!!

  8. Mrs Lyndsay Hawkins

    Who cares whether Keith Richards has been wearing a skull ring for 30 + years. The man’s got an ego as big as Everest and the manners of a two year old throwing a tantrum….grow up you old fart !

  9. Arkenos

    What kind of stupid hit piece is this? I really can’t tell if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not.

  10. Isabel

    What a stupid article! Senseless… I bought a Rolling Stone mag years ago where Johnny Depp and Keith Richards were in the cover and the whole thing was positive, now the article says the interviewer got traumatized? Attention seekers!

  11. BecaM

    So a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine knows nothing about Keith Richards and then gets upset when they’re corrected. Should have done your job properly with a bit of research. But then that would break the habit of a lifetime…. Never in any danger from anything other than embarrassing themselves further… like releasing this non-story. Definitely embarrassing

  12. Julia Montalvo

    Are you kidding me. Everyone is trying to get money and coming up with stories that make no sense. I thought they cursed him out or something. These journalist think they’re the closest thing to God. Please delete this story before you get sued for being an idiot

  13. Laura

    If anything, I’d say the interviewer would be diagnosed as some type of narcissist :/ I might excuse the error if he worked for a non-music magazine, but as a reporter for Rolling Stone, he should have known about the history of the ring before asking about it. He seems less embarrassed by his unprofessional error and more upset about how Depp and Richards reacted to being insulted. Depp and Richards may have overreacted and have their own issues, but the interviewer doesn’t sound much better.

  14. K

    Why is there an entire article about JD saying “you didn’t know he was the original?” allegedly in a tone the reporter disliked? Like, really? Are you that desperate for attention? Yikes.

  15. Moon

    If you’re going to be in journalism then you should do your homework first and definitely need to have tough skin. I have no problem with either of the two actors and remember they are have lives outside of the media and entertainment…
    If you’re having issues maybe journalism isn’t for you

    1. JJ

      More hatred towards JD and now against the great KR. That’s all this is. Disregard.

  16. Amber

    When you interview someone and embarrass yourself, you don’t turn around and try to make it sound like they attacked you. If you can’t bounce back from a bad question and continue the interview as planned then you chose the wrong career. Depp and Richards acted how anyone else would in that situation and I highly doubt that Depp was rude at all with his response.

  17. Mark M Walker

    Perhaps instead of Shopping or doing yoga.. she might want to actually RESEARCH the subjects of her interview. They were conning her because they knew she was an obviously unprepared novice masquerading as a journalist.

    1. Savage Karma

      Omg. Re read it.
      The journalist of THIS article was talking about about another journalist who did the interview with JD and KR.
      Judgemental ass…

  18. Kate

    Wow. The Johnny Depp fans certainly jumped on this didn’t they? I can imagine both JD and KR being rude over something like this. They are not perfect. Obsessed fanatics would do well to remember this whilst building that pedestal.

    1. Savage Karma

      Have you ever seen either of them be incredible rude during an interview? Or to anyone? Have you ever seen Johnny speak to… Anyone in that way? If you had, you would know that he is a very kind, humble, shy and generous person. He would never speak rudely to anyone. Especially not AT an interviewer.
      Please, if you’re going to come on here, criticize a group of people over a man they support, or are a fan of, do your research on said person first. You certainly wasted a few minutes of your time to criticize a group of people, when you could’ve used that time to be more constructive, and useful. Like I’m using mine to educate you.
      I speak for a lot of people, myself included when I say, à lot of time and energy was invested into JD’s case. Because we believe in SURVIVORS AND THE TRUTH not because he is who he is. And when you have put that much of yourself into a case such as this, you know the truth. So you’re DAMN right when anyone comes at him with anything negative to say, we get defensive. At least I do. Because the man has been through enough, and doesn’t need some nobody journalist throw him under the bus in that way because they couldn’t conduct their interview properly and because he was made an easy target by some narcissistic sea urchin of an ex wife.

      And before you say anything else, I went into this case with both eyes wide open.

      So again, I ask you to think twice before you make such an asinine comment like that because it makes you look like an uneducated fool.

  19. Sian

    This journalist is just another snow flake. I can’t believe he wrote article like this. He needs to put his big girl knickers on and grow up

  20. Mucky mouse

    Wow! Who is the author working for? Amber Heard??? Every article must include some negative Johnny Depp story. We’re really grasping at straws on this one! Someone needs a new hobby.

  21. Mucky mouse

    Every article must include some negative Johnny Depp story. We’re really grasping at straws on this one! Someone needs a new hobby.

  22. Caroline Steele

    I’m really not sure what this article is about. It hasn’t actually said anything. You were traumatised over an interview that ended up discussing skull rings.. did anything ACTUALLY happen to you for you to be so ‘Traumatised ‘ . Sorry this just seems like some over exaggerated story to express your opinion on Johnny Depp. I think you need to come up with more incriminating evidence before trying to convince others of his malicious depths. Nice try though. (That’s sarcasm, something I’m not convinced you understand)

    1. Savage Karma

      Nah, they mentioned a ring because the interview thought Iggy pop was the OG skukknribg wearer when really it was Kieth. They corrected the interviewer and like a snowflake, he’s now “traumatized” at being corrected.
      That word “trauma” is so over used… I hear it at least once a day.

      Just another BS hit piece to make JD look bad. They’re so desperate.

  23. Savage Karma

    These once incredible magazines that told formidable stories of our idols have now turned into just another joke. Another “sun” if you will.
    Where are all the REAL journalists? Where are all the real stories? Being on the cover of Rolling Stones Magazines used to mean something! Can’t we have that back? Now these “journalists” come ill prepared and they think the only way to cover their ass is to fabricate horrific lies. And about the most incredible, humble and gentle man, and a rock legend, no less! What is wrong with this writer? Most writers lately. The egos on these people are incredibly huge. Too bad they don’t have the brain and humanity to go with it. Everyone has the “in order to build myself up, I must push everyone else down” mentality. It’s repulsive.
    I used to wonder how humanity made it out of the 1500s due to the lack of knowledge and disease.
    Now I wonder how humanity will make it out the 2020s dude to lack of humanity, compassion, and brains.

  24. Granna

    Really? Rolling Stone had to settle w/Depp over the ‘other’ interview, thru his atty. Rolling Stone is no longer the mag it once was. It is yellow trash just like the Nat’l Enquirer.

  25. Andrew S.

    The real “horror show” is clearly a sorely un-prepared “interviewer” who took it personally when his truly stupid lack of professionalism backfired.
    And what a juvenile move to follow this petty whine of a “report” with garbage about the Depp/Heard divorce.

  26. Coleton Casano

    What a truly ridiculous piece. It’s incredible how some people can and will try to stir up drama where there isn’t any. It is even more incredible that someone would then write an article about it, as if it were in any way interesting.

    1. JP

      The reporter should not be interviewing, but it’s the editor’s fault we even saw this. Rolling Stone should have never published this article.

  27. Susan Siebler

    So sad that an interview with such icons was givem to someone with so little knowledge. Keuth Richards is aa some one said rock royalty. Do your background work

  28. Kelly Hyson

    How coincidental! I’ve developed an instant, vigorous, and nearly chemical dislike of Erik Hedegaard as well!

  29. SG

    Totally agree with Savage Linx.

    But I must add, what in the world is this journalist bringing in Amber Heard? This story has no to do with her. Does she have to fill in blanks or something?

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