Comments for Disney Shares Jaw-Dropping Aerial Footage on Massive Disney Park Expansion

tokyo disney fantasy springs concept art

Credit: Disney


  1. James Locke

    Disney needs to build the same park at Disney World. There’s overwhelming too many hotels. They need more space for the hotel guests. Sometimes I feel jam packed inside Of Disney Worlds Parks.

  2. Erik

    Easy when you are spending someone else’s money. They are not footing the bill, they don’t own the property, just have creative control. Just like every other overseas Disney park. I like Star wars, but don’t act like you have done me any favors, best expansion yet is Disney Springs at wdw. Tron is long overdue, for a copy. The rat ride is long overdue, for a copy. Epcot is long overdue for something. Guardians won’t save it, replacement of anything won’t save it.
    New expansion is the only thing that can save wdw.
    FL OG MK ’71,
    epcot center ’82,
    MGM studios ’89,
    Ak ’98.
    See a theme?
    New theme park less than every 10 years.
    My kids have served there country and can now “drink around the world” at Epcot were not even born yet when wdw last introduced a new park, not to mention built one.
    23 years

  3. Cj Brown

    Fantasy Springs looks impressive, and the spending to build everything isn’t under the control of a Cheapskate CEO (thankfully!)

    I guess we can “wait and see” once the project is completed. Maybe Japan will get a better expansion than what Team Disney Anaheim and Team Disney Orlando got.

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