Comments for New Restaurant Announced for Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

Spacehip Earth and Monorail

Credit: Disney


  1. Already knew about this one, but thanks for the reminder. I forgot what they were going to name it.

  2. Drew

    Connections Cafe? Creations Shop? Who’s coming up with these brilliant names, Chapek himself?

  3. VDog

    It looks like an IKEA cafeteria. … I take that back, I’ve seen IKEA cafeterias that looked more creative than this.

  4. Sue

    Hopefully they have hamburgers and fries and hot dog. So kids can enjoy they took that way from the American heritage and out the smoke house there and if anyone knows about smoked food. That place sucks . No American food anywhere at Epcot. Miss electric umbrella

    1. Joem

      The EU had some unimpressive food. Plus it was often trashed. And, besides, if they don’t have burgers, there’s no reason kids can’t enjoy other foods.

      1. Patrick

        Definitely trashed. Was always a mess.

        1. LAndy

          Wow, you know we’ve reached a new low when even the concept art is dull.

  5. Yvonne

    The drawings on the wall look like they’re of Turkey and Egypt so maybe that’s a hint to the type of food they’ll serve?

  6. Ahn

    Ok…it is a quick-service restaurant concept with foods from around the world. Which means food such as Sandwiches, soups, salads and appetizers from different regions of the world.

  7. SG

    So glad to have a replacement for our beloved EU. Can’t wait!

    1. EricJ

      Yeah, it’s just the Umbrella with a new area-overlay.

      I never really ate there, not when there was still good stuff in World Showcase and Sunshine Seasons.
      (Although Wonders of Life had a pretty darn good health-smoothie and wrap bar in its day…)

  8. Patrick

    The place looks super messy in the renderings. Which gave away that it was quick service. I mean chairs and tables strewn about?

  9. Megan Garbe

    This looks incredibly generic. Nothing that even makes me wonder what they will serve.

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