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Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Andrea Conti

    They still should keep the regular security bag check. But improve it. How many people still got into the parks with weapons. I think they are making a big security breech. And the people and children need to feel safe and secure in the parks. Why don’t you take a lesson from Universal and put in the security x-ray belts. It moves fast and is great security. I won’t feel secure in Disney anymore, so that may change things for my family.

  2. Cherie Palmer

    I set off the alarm twice I went through in September. Both times it was for an umbrella for those unexpected afternoon showers. Had the first one told me why, I would have knobby the second try. Carry your umbrellas people. It will save time.

  3. Allison

    When my son and I were at WDW in October, we were pulled aside for further screening the first couple days then one of the security CMs suggested pulling those items out and holding them in front of me as I went through the scanners as is suggested in the article. I started using a gallon ziplock bag for our glasses cases and portable charger so we could easily pull them out of my backpack as we went through then easily store them back in my backpack. That worked for us to make going through security a whole lot quicker and easier.

  4. Bryan

    Metal water bottles also got flagged. Even if it was on an outside pouch of your bag, they couldn’t definitively tell it was the bottle outside vs something in the bag.

    Held in hand the rest of the trip and no problem.

  5. CJA

    What about the artificial knees and hips?

  6. Tamara Dowd

    My husband always gets stopped for his suspenders, haha, better than his pants falling down. I have learned to take umbrellas out. New security system works OK.

  7. Sue

    Really? In all the years since 9/11 when has Disney ever been threatened with or experienced a terrorist attack?
    NEVER! Not one single amusement park needs to have all of this security.

    1. Jordan

      They literally had an incident where a lady about brought a gun into the park. Just because it doesn’t happen, doesn’t mean it’s not necessary, just means that they are doing what they are supposed to.

  8. Maria Mccormick

    When my family and I were there in June, my Altoids set off the alarm. I was told to hold it in front of me as described in your article.

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