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  1. sam quan

    You got to be kidding! Even though I already renewed my annual pass, I have to ask why are things going backwards now? Bob Paycheck (aka Bob Chapek) needs to go.

    1. The whole country is going backwards dudes…..
      Just turn on the TV, fill up your car with gas, go to the grocery store. We are in deep deep trouble folks….
      Wake up America….!

  2. Chris

    Honestly, no other theme oark is having these issues and they are getting plenty of people coming to them. Knotts Berry Farm is making record profits with record crowd levels and they are taking a lot of former Disneyland passhokders because Knotts has brought in A LOT of the entertainment that Disneyland used to have, add in real meet and greets where you can hug characters and get autographs at Knott’s, the fa t that their pass are as low as $9 per month and you can add in all season dining for two meals per day for a very reasonable price and you can see how it would appeal. Oh and the food is now far exceeding what Dis ey offers in both quality and quantity. Yet Knotts keeps selling their season passes and don’t have reservations, I don’t understand why Disney has to have reservations and stop selling annnual passes/Magic Keys like this other than going after more money.

  3. Sharon

    I’m really upset about this.
    We bought tickets in June for our December trip. We were planning to upgrade to annual passes. I wish we had prior notice of the change. We would have upgraded already. Please bring back before the end of the year.

    1. Christina

      Same. We leave in 10 days and we’re planning on upgrading. I’m pretty upset this change took effect with no notice.

    2. JS

      People like you are probably why they did this. Money grab by Mr. Paycheck. Gotta hit those quarterly results, right?

    3. Kim

      We are totally in the same position. We have 2 AP’s in the family. Bought college age son tickets for December and were planning to upgrade him to AP when we got there. This totally stinks. A little forewarning and I would have gotten the AP then

  4. Trey

    Disney used to be about family fun while still making tons of money while providing exceptional experiences. Now they are about milking patrons of every last nickel while trying to eliminate as many perks as possible without seeing revenues drop. As long as people keep opening their wallets and accepting subpar service Disney will only get worse. I’ve been a passholder for 19 years and did not renew this year and probably won’t ever again. The Disney Profit Train is not stopping so it’s time to just mourn the loss of something that used to be wonderful.

  5. Anthony S

    Excellent move! Most commenters don’t understand that Disney is looking out for it’s passholders by not over selling these passes. If the park is TOO crowded, nobody can enjoy the park. For example, Cedar Fair pissed off a ton of Platinum Pass holders by giving away too many Gold passes and Fast Track permits. Many Platinum Pass holders that had to travel from out of state to visit Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, etc were meet with reduced hours, closed rides, reservation limitations, inability to make reservations, 2.5 hours long wait times for rides or were turned away at the entrance. All these were a breach of contract. Many individuals are successfully suing Cedar Fair instead of pursuing a class action lawsuit since the breach is so egregious.
    Be thankful you won’t be facing these nightmares. If you do, you need to make your voice heard. You don’t pay more for worse service.

  6. Nancy

    Not good! We had planned to get each other the AP for our Christmas gifts this year. How will an IOU look under the tree?

  7. Robert S.

    All of this craziness is why this Texan has a Universal Studios Orlando Premier Pass. Disney has taken the spontaneity out of vacationing there. Universal treats me like they value my business instead of making me jump through hoops to ask “Please sir, may I come spend a ton of money at your business?”.

    1. Sue

      Robert. Universal and sea world have had no restrictions for some time. So more prolate going there and have fun. Disney is getting out of hand with prices and the parks a filthy. We have a pass but we live 9 miles from there but we only go to Epcot. I figure they would do this sooner or later. You get more for you money at the other theme parks. But people will pay whatever Bc they are Disney crazy.

      1. Bernard


        I agree. Things are out of hand, and Disney is losing its magic. Something dramatic needs to happen.

        But to say its parks are “filthy “ is way over the top.

        1. Wydalis

          I came back from my trip today and I can confirm the parks are filthy. My husband even took pics.

          1. Bernard

            Guess we disagree on the meaning of “filthy.”

            Just returned from a week, ran a Disney race, stayed at AKL, visited all parks (and three other resorts), rode a ton of attractions, rode all modes of Disney transportation, ate in a bunch of dining locations.

            Didn’t see “filthy” anywhere whatever.

            I hope you and Sue reported the filth to Guest Services.

  8. Phyzzi

    So, um, am I the only one who saw the title picture and read “passholder” without the p? That was unfortunate placing of the line, to say the least.

    As someone who has to travel to get to Disney, I have to say that getting rid of annual passes is great for me, and I guess I would rather have a good time than worry about having a “membership” like it was a local museum or something. The one thing I would say is that this sort of stinks for some of the semi-independent businesses that have set up shop inside Disney (like the restaurants and specialty shops in Epcot). Thinking logically though, it’s pretty clear we won’t be getting to a protective level of vaccination as a country anytime soon and Disney already had to eat it pretty hard on closures: it’s no surprise that they no longer want to try and guarantee access anytime and it’s also sort of understandable that this may filter out some guests who feel especially entitled. As for the customers, there are plenty of other “theme parks”, and I am more than happy to see crowds go elsewhere even if it means paying a little more when I actually can visit. As for all the people planning to upgrade… that happens when you sleep on a deal, they aren’t obligated to continue offering something just because people might want it.

  9. Flygirl158

    We were planning on upgrading when we were there in Dec. not happy. Disney is making too many hoops to jump through.

  10. Bob

    Disney knows that most people are sheep and will always follow the crowd not matter the cost. It’s the key to their success. Disney is more focused on selling merchandise and food versus entertaining park guests.

    1. Julie Syverson

      I would live if they did away with annual passes all together. For those of us that come from out of state and pay thousands for just a few days I would like the park to not be real crowded

  11. Bob

    Disney is nothing like it used to be. They went “woke” and ruined everything anyways. Remember the mermaids on the Pirates of the Caribbean…. Gone because of all the “woke” bull💩. Once they started the changes, I knew this was next. I didn’t renew and decided to stay closer to home for my vacations. Now I go to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. Still VERY affordable and geared more towards an older mature demographic. I think there is something mentally/emotionally wrong with adults obsessing over kiddie parks and going all butthurt over this… Perverts. Just stop going and go to places more affordable. People act like there are no other parks but disney parks…Crazy!

    1. Jordan

      How is Disney a kiddie park and how does enjoying Disney make you a pervert? I don’t understand your messed up logic

      1. JJ

        Disney has satanic symbolism in their parks and movies plus is named as a co conspirator along with G Maxwell in a lawsuit, apparently ties to Epstein. It’s all out there if you look.

        1. Jordan

          A lot of things are out there if you look. Doesn’t mean they are all true.

    2. Tina

      Clearly you’ve never experienced it. You have a very sick mind. I pity you.

  12. Jordan

    I find it interesting that so many people are complaining on here about something that isn’t necessary for them to enjoy the park. You also act like Disney is the only one raising the prices for their things. I remember being able to go to Universal for way less before the pandemic. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they are out to destroy the little guy. Who’s to say it doesn’t get better in a couple of years AFTER the big celebration? Yall just need to chill.

  13. Terry

    Fire bob chapek change.org

    1. Donna

      Only having been a DVC member since 2013, there have been so many changes, it is almost impossible to get any of the perks once offered. We pay maintenance fees, taxes and should be able
      To be considered as Florida resident. Wouldn’t they want DVC members to use their timeshares as much as possible, get more perks. I would buy more points but not the way Disney is moving forward. CEO needs to rethink decisions.

  14. Sue

    I remember a time when annual passes were only for local residents with no blockout dates. Maybe its time to go back to that.
    Regardless, both Bob Iger and Bob Chapek have eliminated so many things the magic is gone.

  15. Chris B

    I just wish “offerings” wasnt a word. It just sounds cringy. Its up there with “moist”, “assume”, “cray cray”. “jelly”, and when people answer a question with so.

    1. Nick

      The idea of the language being used is a big deal for you but suspension of AP’s is not?
      You might think about reevaluating your priorities as well as the blogs on which you post.

  16. If you are unhappy with the product, dont buy the product, its pretty simple isnt it? What most dont realize is the middle class American family will go to Dis when that family saves for years of planning, Dis hopes and caters to the foreign family and groups of 50-100, because it is year round for foreign visitors, its pretty evident.

  17. Jayne

    I have a Pixie Dust pass and while there are a lot of blackout dates, it works well for us. My biggest question is whether Tables in Wonderland is coming back?

  18. Abbie

    Our family is not renewing our AP’s and instead purchased the top tier at Universal. Many are moving on from Disney. Hopefully this will open availability for others.

  19. Abbie

    We’ve left Disney and purchased Universal.

  20. Carrie

    Up until mid-2020, I had the Premier Pass and was willing to pay the price for the convenience as we live in the Midwest and SO travels to CA for work monthly. When all the restrictions were instituted and making spontaneous trips impossible I decided to give up my AP until things got better. Now, watching the money grabs, the Disney film industry dramas and the treatment and opinion the top staff has for their client base, I might not get a pass again, at least until leadership changes.

    Walt would have been very displeased. Not sure Roy’s reaction, but he was the money man

  21. Deb

    If you think Disney hasn’t run the numbers on this you’re kidding yourself. They know how many AP tap in and probably know how much they spend due to the discounts. We were there last week and it was the most crowded I have ever seen it. I can’t imagine what it is like this week. Just awful. Food lines were too long and try getting a restaurant reservation. People who aren’t AP holders are paying full price on everything. I tried to shop but availability of items were somewhat limited. I couldn’t even find a coffee mug I liked. Okay I could buy one just like I bought 4 years ago. The problem is Disney is offering a sub par experience for those that have to travel a distance to get there. EPCOT at night forget it. No problem for me anymore because I won’t go to Disney and spend the kind of money I did for the experience I had. I can promise you there are many that feel the way I do.

  22. Mark Bolstein

    I can’t believe the nonsense from the authors of these articles. Due to overwhelming popularity???? My last annual pass purchase was in 2019 and my platinum pass was $599 for a DVC member—which I have been since 2011. Now the least expensive pass I can get is $899 and comes with NOTHING! No advance attraction reservations, NO fastpasses, NO magical express, and now they want $15PP PER DAY for the PRIVILEGE of being able to book the formerly FREE fastpasses at 7AM THE DAY OF YOUR VISIT!!! THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE?? THIS IS PROGRESS??? This is customer DISservice and a big SLAP IN THE FACE to all lifelong Disney fans and supporters. Boycott the parks and FIRE BOB CHAPEK!

  23. EastIcon

    LOL! Is it me or did anyone else notice the ‘P’ in Passholder was shaded-out by the red empty-circle-with-line? Is this what Disney Passholders end up becoming?

  24. Frances

    “*Ass holder” LOL

  25. Royce Wills

    Well this sucks. Went to buy my wife her annual pass last week. Was having issues with it validating her FL drivers license, we were instructed to bring her license to the booths outside the park. Had to wait till today to go since my schedules been busy.
    And we’re told we can no longer purchase it at all? Even though I was attempting to purchase when they were available. Thanks Disney. Awesome customer service

  26. Denise

    Disney has gone far down into the sewer. We still have passes with 3 and 4 visits remaining and don’t foresee using them anytime soon. We just purchased annual passes for Legoland where we don’t have to deal with all the BS that Disney pushes on their guests.

  27. Lisa

    I am not renewing my pass so someone can have my spot. I am using the extra $ to upgrade my Universal pass to Premier!!

  28. James

    Umm, you may want to re-shoot the passholder photo… The P is blocked out and makes it appear as a different word, which may or may not be what you intended to convey.

  29. Mickeymouse3

    I never did understand why anyone would want to buy a new AP in the first place. Once I saw there were reservation maximums, I knew it wouldn’t be worth it. No more going on a whim or making an impromptu trip with an out of town guest who just showed up. What’s the point of an AP if you have to reserve a spot and/or hope the day you want is available?
    Guess this is the Bob Paycheck way. Sad!!

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