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Credit: Disney


  1. Debbie

    Is there a trick to this. Can’t ever get these sweepstakes to load

  2. Tamara Dowd

    It states you can enter daily until a certain date. But I’ve not been let in again after the first time. Disney related, go figure. Maintenance going downhill !

    1. SG

      Me too

  3. Chuck

    Another sweepstakes page that doesn’t work. Gotta love modern Disney….

  4. Sheri DeOrio

    I haven’t been able to get in again after the first day.

  5. E

    I was able to enter today. This page didn’t load for a few weeks but is working now.

  6. Brian V.

    Doesn’t work anymore, just like the 50th sweepstakes stopped working. I contacted Disney on several social media accounts and no one gets back to me.

  7. Bob

    If someone can actually get through to register they’re going to win.

  8. Cathi Lucy

    Same here. Doesn’t allow the site to load so you can enter. Please read these comments and fix the site! Thank you.


    Same. Could not enter more than once, This Sucks!

  10. how do u enter this thing anyway


    Only was able to enter once? Is that all you can enter? Can’t seem to enter more than once.

  12. Bev

    I’m really starting to hate Disney and their fake “enter now for a free trip” schemes

  13. Alison

    I have been trying to enter this contest for about a month – it keeps giving me the Enter button, I press it and it just sits there. I’ve gone to BoxLunch, too, and it gives me the same thing – what is happening?!

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