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  1. Whose coming to this meal? Nancy Pelosi? Sounds like a political fund raiser.

    1. Janice

      No, more likely Tom Brady. And Chapek.

  2. Rich

    Wow! An engraved glass to take home….

  3. Carrie

    This isn’t what Walt wanted.

  4. Ahn

    It’s not political! Just Disney marketing people trying to figure out how they can make a buck anyway they can.I bet there’s more to come to spend our money on if you really really want to!

  5. Barb

    This is so ridiculous. Geez, I couldn’t even afford the tip, let alone the dinner!!!

  6. Jamie

    Yep. Disney catering to the rich as usual. I wouldn’t pay $500 for a meal let alone $5,000. Ridiculous

  7. Andrea Conti

    It is getting out of control.Walt Disney must be turning in his grave. All these high prices, and no free services. This is disgraceful. How can a family of 3or more afford to go to what once was called the “The Happiest Place On Earth”?

  8. Gayle

    Disney Is Really Pricing the Average American Family Out of their Parks. Its Gotten way too expensive for below Average Families too Even Save up for a Vacation – even on a Budget. Disney Just Keeps Adding Price Hikes – left & Right – with Absolutely Nothing Given Back to their Previous Loyal Follower – American Families – Which Is TOTALLY Against What Walt Disney Stood For. No Trams, Charging for Parking everywhere now, no more Bus from the Airports which is at least 60 % of their Business from All Across the US and Even International Travelers Still. Paying for Magic Bands and then Making you Pay for A Replacement Genie – which no Makes you Magic Band Useless and tit has taken the Fan out of Being Able to Choose from Many Band Styles. Closing All their Stores – Making it More Difficult for People who do not have computer access (Ex. Grandparents/Older Adults) to be able to go Shop at a store and find presents for grandkids.
    The Only Decent thing that Disney Has Done for this 50th Anniversary – Has been the Limiting of number of items one person can purchase – so that their limited stuff is not Bought out be other online retailers for High Mark up Resale. But one good move Doesn’t Negative 20 Bad Moves.
    I’ll Never be able to Afford to ever take my 19 year old Daughter again – nor will I Ever be able to take any grandkids I have at the Price Hike Rampage Disney is On!
    As a Former Cast Member I am at this Point actually ashamed to Say I was Once 1. a Cast Member & 2. Proud of Disney for its availabilty to the average/below average American Family.

    I have been waiting over a Month for Guest Services to Reply to Multiple Emails I have Sent them!!
    And Trying to Call is Now An All Day Event – I’ve have tried and Been on Hold over 6 hours – multiple times!!

  9. Jordan

    of those of you complaining about this, did you even read it all the way through? If you did, you would see why it’s so expensive. It’s 1 night only and only 14 people can go to try this master chef. It’s not like everyone is going to go and try this anyways. It’s like you enjoy complaining about everything involving Disney. Are you truly fans or just haters?

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