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Credit: Disney


  1. Lack of maintenance budget related to Bob Cheapskate.

  2. Chris B

    Disney cant wait until they replace that disaster of a show lol

  3. Victoria Bell

    Since I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer and blame Chapek I’m going to give a creative suggestion since y’all are quick to place blame. Be creative, people! If this is happening, then they should rebuild the classic fireworks barges like with what they had with Reflections of Earth and IllumiNations and let these projection barges go and keep the big projection screen in the middle of the the World Showcase lagoon. We are creative people. We can suggest creative solutions to problems.

    1. Victoria Bell

      One more thing. Having the big water projection screen stay as the only one fits in my opinion having it be reminiscent to World of Color. Also, despite its problems, Harmonious is a beautiful show, but you guys can be really stubborn when it comes to changes.

      1. Agent Jaye

        I must respectfully disagree with you that
        HarmonioUS is a beautiful show. On the contrary, I find it lazy, limited, off message and poorly used firework elements and not well staged for viewing for all the surrounding audience of the central lake of EPCOT.
        To be blunt, it’s an overproduced “juke box” show with the thinnest of “story” lines. I say this not as one who dislikes change, any change, as some Disney fans do, but as a lifelong Disney World fan. It is, in every way, inferior to Reflections of Earth and IllumiNations.
        With the talent and resources that Disney has on hand, the only reason this show is so poor, must come from the top. The money people, the greedy penny pinchers who control the purse string and have no creative feel or talent of their own. In a word, Chapek. He is captain of the ship, as it were, and he is ultimately responsible for the path the Parks are taking. So, it is perfectly reasonable to lay this all at his feet.
        On top of all that, in daylight hours, the show structures in the lake are eyesores, destroying the view of the World Showcase (World Celebration now) from the front of the Park. HarmonioUS, sadly, is a finger pointing the way for the future of the WDW resort, flash and cost-cutting over quality. But if you like it, so be it.
        I’ll not spend my money there as long as management remains on this unmagical, down hill slide.

        1. Joanna Coors

          And Disney doesn’t care.

    2. Ken Brenner

      If they were to make a change, the barge(s) MUST not be seen until showtime. The current setup is a disaster for the beauty of the World Showcase…

      1. SG

        I agree, the barges are ugly and ruin the beautiful landscape

  4. Katy

    Our family loved Harmonius. I like it much better than the old thing. I hated the globe. I could never see clearly what was on it. When it opened with the torch, that was cool, but that’s about it. Harmonious, I think, shows a great deal of creativity and shows some of the lesser known movies and songs. The projections on the water were very clear and amazing and the water arms added a great dimension, even a little more modern. Very beautiful.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Understand we can have differences in the fireworks show preferences. But, how could they design something that is so ugly 98% of the day!
      While I liked Illuminations, I understand the barges needed to be better seen. To me – what makes that fireworks show heads above the current one is the barges were unseen until show time. This one is a disgrace…

    2. SG

      I didn’t like the globe either. Like my mama always said KISS, keep it simple stupid!

  5. Jason

    Well that didn’t take long…Not like you could see issues with the huge amount of technology and industrial machinery for this show a mile away.

    This happened even faster than I expected.🤦‍♂️

  6. Ken Brenner

    Change or no change, the Illuminations fireworks show was a wonderful feature of Epcot. The music made it even more so.
    But, regardless of one’s preference, this new monstrosity must go. One of Epcot’s popular features is its beautiful scenery and (formerly) the unique “informational” theming. The “iron monsters” have completely ruined the scenic appeal of the World Showcase.
    I suggest Disney scrap this mess (recycle the iron) and go back to Illuminations with its music, perhaps changing the “barges” a bit to use more modern technology. But, those would only be in the lake for showtime…!
    Harmonious Monstrosity is yet another example (along with the re-theme of Splash Mountain) of Disney taking something that works and changing it for change sake (Wokeness perhaps?).
    I am sad at what they are doing to what was one a world-unique theme park.

  7. Anne

    Ken, I don’t think it’s for the sake of being woke, I believe it is for the sake of being tied to all things ip. I much prefer Illuminations, from the start it tells a story. The lighting of the torches to the very end is all tied together and the music is incredible. The music in harmonious is beautiful being sung by choirs and singers across the world but it is just about the same songs in enchantment and the same songs we hear everywhere in disney. There is no creativity, no imagination and the barges are hideous and the breakdowns will get worse..think metal in water..what can go wrong?

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