Disney Fans “Disgusted” as Judges Rules Disneyland is Not Required to Increase Minimum Wage

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Typically, Disneyland Resort is filled with magic, joyful Guests, and happy Cast Members who could put a smile on anyone’s face. Now, although they are still ensuring that every Guest feels and experiences the magic of the parks, there is some inner turmoil going on for some.

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Recently, we reported that Disney workers filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that Disney does not pay its employees a living wage.

According to the lawsuit, the City of Anaheim is using tax dollars from Disney to pay off the construction of the Mickey and Friends parking structure at the Disneyland Resort. The Mickey and Friends parking structure has long been a point of contention for the City of Anaheim, which paid over $100 million for the lot to be built and Disney received a lease from the city for $1 per year.

Mickey at Disneyland Resort
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Disney, in turn, now charges a minimum of $30 per car — extra for preferred parking and larger vehicles. Disney gets to keep all of the profit it makes from the parking garage.

In 2018, the ballot — Measure L — was approved, which would require businesses who receive subsidies from the City of Anaheim to raise their minimum wage. It would go up to $15 an hour in 2019 and then increase by a $1.00 amount until reaching $18 by 2022. Disney seems to have argued that the Mickey and Friends parking structure is not a subsidy, and the City of Anaheim agreed as Disney also rid itself of all subsides before the election. An Orange County judge has just ruled in favor of Disneyland, exempting them from the minimum wage increase due to this.

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The Orange County Register reported:

In an Oct. 29 decision, Orange County Superior Court Judge William D. Claster said while Disney benefited from 1996 agreements with Anaheim that use hotel taxes to pay debt on a parking structure for Disneyland visitors, those agreements don’t constitute a tax rebate or a subsidy as described in the ballot measure.

Shortly before the 2018 measure went up for a vote, Disney officials had pointedly canceled tax incentive agreements with the city that would have channeled several hundred million dollars in hotel room taxes toward helping the company build a high-end hotel.

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After this news broke, many Disney fans were upset to hear that Disney fought so that they did not have to pay their Cast Members a higher wage. After we initially reported the news, we had a flood of readers speak up with their thoughts on this decision.

Andrew M. feels for the Cast Members:

Feel bad for the workers. They deserve to get a higher wage

Keven D. was shocked to see that price increases have continued, but wage increases are not.

Wow. They raise prices on everything from tickets, to parking and food. But they can’t pay their employees more? Sucks!

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John P. hopes that some Cast Members leave so that they can be valued somewhere else financially.

I feel bad for the workers, I hope they can go where they are appreciated. How they can demand their current prices and not at least pay a decent wage is beyond me.

Matthew M. brought up the point that Cast Members are who make Disneyland so special.

Disgusting without cast members there is no Disneyland. The prices they charge and the price increases that are even higher than inflation and this is how they treat their employees. Disney is really out of touch.

John S. is not shocked to hear this news.

How greedy can disney be. Shameful but not surprising.

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Jim S. thinks that even if this is not something they are required to do, it is something they should do.

They might not have to do this leagaly…. but morally they should . Pay the cast members a living wage rewarding their work and not the fat cat shareholders.

So, it looks like Disneyland Resort will not be paying their Cast Members $18.00 an hour for the foreseeable future.

What do you think about this ruling? Let us know in the comments below! 

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