Comments for HUGE Disney Cruise Line COVID-19 Update for Guests Ages 5+

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  1. Kimberly Maxwell

    I consider this going against everything I believe in as an American. I have a cruise scheduled which was canceled due to covid twice and they are making everyone take the jab…..now 5 year old and up. Sinister. The side effects are much worse than covid. I have had it and have antibodies. I will not be taking the jab to get on board. I will be fighting tooth and nail to get a waiver since my doctors tell me I should not get the jab due to health reasons. Disney is in for class action suit as are the other cruise lines. Forcing people to take the jab – well they had better give me my money back.

  2. CT

    Cancel your cruise if they force you to endanger your child. The mrna COVID vaccine has many more side effects that are worse for small children than having the virus itself. I would not vaccinate any child against COVID who did not have underlying health issues. European countries (France, Sweden, Denmark and more) have already stopped vaccinating young people under 30 due to the very real risk of myocarditis and pericarditis. As the vaccine itself is non-sterilizing (you can still catch and transmit the virus), it is of no help in stopping the spread of the virus to other people on the cruise. If people want to individually choose to have themselves or their child vaccinated, that is their choice, but they should not be forced to. Even if the cost of the cruise is refunded, what about airplane flights etc. Being hit in the pocketbook is the only message Disney understands these days.

  3. Franklin

    We have a 6 year older and we’re in the process of planning out first Disney cruise, but we have now abandoned those plans. My wife and I are both vaccinated and not anti-vaccine at all, but we have chosen not to vaccinate our children (also have a 2 year old and an infant) because children are at almost no risk from COVID. So sad.

  4. SG

    As an RN who has worked with COVID positive patients, given the monoclonal antibodies to keep them from going to the ICU & or ventilator, administered the vaccine and given antigen and PCR tests, as well as received them and wear a mask for your protection as well as mine. I totally agree with the CDCs recommendtion and with Disney’s decision to follow them! And if I wasn’t so busy with all this COVID mess I’d happily take a Disney cruise!
    COVID continues because of ignorance an insane ideology of people who think science and medicine is a political game! You literally are making people sick!
    Thank you Disney, go cruise and have a glorious time. Sea, ya later!

    1. Erik

      THANK YOU!! My husband and I are both fully vaccinated plus have gotten our boosters. We are booked on a Disney cruise in December and another in January and we are THRILLED that DCL (and many of their Caribbean ports) is requiring all eligible passengers (be they adults, teens or children) to be vaccinated (and tested at the Port)… gives us even more confidence that we can cruise with little or no worry of getting covid aboard the ship!

    2. Jd

      COVID has killed less than 0.1% of people but you are willing to give up your freedom and put something foreign and unnecessary in your bod? Something untested with side effects worse than the virus it is supposed to protect you from? Something you have to sign a waiver to say it is okay to be a lab rat with no one held accountable if it all goes wrong? I have talked to nurses that said the news and WH is lying to the public. The hospitals are full of vaccinated people with all sorts of medical conditions from heart issues to blood clots. WAKE UP and think for yourselves.
      Oh and by the way, kids have a 0% chance of dying from COVID. they have a higher chance of dying from a car accident or drowning in a pool. So rather than inject poison into them, hide in your house and never let them get in a car or swim in a pool.

      You may be okay with these “mandates” but what happens when they want you to put some other poison in your body? Are you okay with companies and the govt telling you what to take or do the rest of your life? I’m not.

      1. Jordan

        I find it funny when people try to use “Oh, it hasn’t killed a huge percentage of people” like that means it’s totally fine to go around and risk harming more people. As for the foreign and unnecessary things we put into our bodies, people do that everyday and just don’t care, but the moment it’s something that can help save your life, it becomes a huge issue and goes against what you believe.
        The side effects are very unlikely to happen. I know people that took the shot and felt fine the next day while I was extremely tired and sore all over. Side effects come with all medicine, but it’s to help prevent something that can be way worse.
        I’m pretty sure more nurses would say otherwise about the vaccinated being in the hospital more than unvaccinated. I’ve literally heard from people talking about their loved ones dying from covid and not being vaccinated, wishing they had because they would still be alive. Maybe you should listen to less conspiracy theories and actually look at the world around you and see that people of all ages and backgrounds are dying from this and the quickest way to stop it is to get vaccinated like we did with plenty of other things.

  5. Stephanie

    I’m glad we went on a Disney Cruise before Covid. We had a blast and would consider another in the future but not with these insane mandates. My family already had covid and my kids had no symptoms. The flu was far worse for them. However I do know of two young men who are battling myocarditis from the vaccine so my children will not be receiving it. We are completing up to date in every other vaccine before someone decides to scream “anti vaxxer”! We love Disney but will be skipping the cruises.

  6. Mark

    We will be cancelling our DCL vacation for next year if they don’t go back to the way things were and should be. The scam is over.

    1. Jordan

      What scam?

    2. Matt G.

      Any idea if DCL will refund deposit for cruises in late 2022 for people that are not willing to vaccinate their kids?

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