Comments for Pre-Pandemic Crowds POUR Into EPCOT at Rope Drop

epcot rope drop crowds

Credit: bioreconstruct


  1. I wonder where they are in capacity. They claim that they are only at a percentage of maximum capacity.

  2. Ryley O'Connor

    Yes, they have. I was there at rope drop on Black Friday. We arrived at 8:30, passed bag check at 9, and went in at 10. Ride times were up to 2 to 3 hours long.

  3. Ken Brenner

    For me, I would never go to WDW with crowds like that.
    We normally go in early Feb.
    In the years I’ve gone to WDW, I’ve never seen such a crowd.
    Don’t know how anyone could enjoy such a situation (?).
    Again, this for me only regarding such a crowd…

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