Comments for Disney Created an Alternate “Cinderella Castle Suite” For Guests to Book

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  1. Rusty

    Absolutely nothing calls me to these suites. Just another Disney cruise ship.
    I can do back to back transatlantic and Mediterranean cruises for 25 days for these prices.
    The castle is the castle.
    That suite is just a cruise suite.

  2. Just Wow

    Wow! Must be nice to have throw away money. They keep catering to the rich and forget about the rest of us. Try adding things more affordable for the general public.

  3. It seems all Disney now wants is our $$$$$. The prices are way out of the normal persons reach. This ship is too expensive. Even the parks the added cost are too much. I am very sad. Yes, the virus have been caused a hardship on the company, but all the added cost with inflation everywhere has caused a lot of hardship on middle class.

  4. Casey

    Yay! Another thing I wont be experiencing ever in my lifetime

  5. Barb304


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