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  1. Jarvis


    1. L Rak

      Agreed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    2. Stephanie Pena

      Governor De Santis is an OG…I hope he runs for President, get that crew in there now …OUT! I love our Governor, Gov.Abbott as well. Medicine should always be a choice! What most people do not realize is there are thousands and thousands of people who refuse all vaccinations, thousands who are in schools today. It is just never publicized. Hopefully, Disney drops its masking by Christmas! They know it is not helping anyone.

    3. Michael

      No he’s not

      1. Clarise

        Agree. He’s definitely not!

  2. Can Governor DeSantis do anything concerning the Disney Cruise Line requiring guests age 5 and up having to be vaccinated?

    1. Donna

      That would be nice. Especially considering even tho they demand a vaccine we will still be forced to wear a mask unless sitting down inside and actively drinking or eating. They claim for the health and safety of people. No. Its insane and stupid at this point.
      In the parks they have gone backwards, not forward with this policy. They really dont care. People will pay and thats all Disney cares about.

    2. DB

      Finally! It’s nice to see someone standing up to the nonsense that has been going on for over a year. Too bad he can’t run for President in 2022 to fix everything else

    3. Mark

      That pissed me off when I heard that. We just cancelled our cruise because of this. Do we live in China now? This is the U.S.A. Thanks Biden and the Democrats for everything. See you in November as we all help you pack your bags.

    4. Clarise

      Yes – get the vaccine.

  3. Kim N

    That’s great. I personally know 6 people who got “Fully Vaccinated” and ended up getting covid anyway. The shot doesn’t work.

    1. rroe

      Well, I hope you didn’t get the shot, and please, if it comes to the day you do get COVID and are gasping on Ventilator, please recall all what you said.

      1. Stephanie Pena

        Lolll…I love how people who say that won’t get vaxxed, say well I hope you die because you’re not getting a ventilator! Most people that get covid don’t need a ventilator!

    2. VDog

      Yeah, totally agree. I also know multiple people who refused to get the shot or wear masks and died on a respirator .. so yeah, I’m ABSOLUTELY fine with it being an individual choice at this time. Cuz I’m sooo over hearing the adult entitled brats whine about it. Sooooo best luck to ya! Hope it isn’t your beloved son or wife that ends up dying a painful death hooked up to a respirator! But Whatevs! K bye!

      1. Jd

        You guys are awful whack a doodles. Why would you wish something bad on someone who chooses to not get the shot? That’s awful. I am anti shot because I have already had covid. Covid kills less than 0.5% of people (similar to flu). The shot doesn’t work and those who think rather than believe what they are told by the CDC and WH know it. Go do some research…read about Gibraltar (100% vaxed) and Australia and other countries with the highest vaccination rates and they are having SERIOUS covid issues. It is not a vaccine. It doesn’t stop the person from getting covid or spreading it to others. Thousands are having side effects…people are in the hospital with heart issues and clots. But sure, go ahead and get that shot that doesn’t work. And don’t forget to sign that paper giving all your rights away to hold anyone accountable if you get sick or die from it. But most of all close your mouth and respect your fellow man and his or her rights to do what they want. You are not better than us for getting a shot. You aren’t saving lives because you will still get it and spread it. So just be nice. I don’t wish harm on you so return the favor.

      2. Kim

        The majority of folks who got monoclonal treatments in Florida were vaccinated. Thank goodness our state doesn’t discriminate against them and they were treated. How can you be so mean? We could say if you’re jabbed any repercussions from it shouldn’t be treated. Shame on those who wish others ill health. It’s like the jab made liberals even nastier.

      3. Andrea Conti

        The best governor who stands by his people of Florida. All political figures should have guts and be defiant against the tryant and his lying thieves in the WH. We need a team of DeSantis and Trump in the WH to clean up the mess and rid the country of this evil.

        1. Debra Rusovick

          Are you kidding me? It’s Trump’s fault that the virus spread so fast. If he had taken the issue seriously to start with, and had a mask mandate, we could have avoided so many deaths! But just as many of you, he scoffed at it and now look at us. Covid is still spreading like wildfire. When I was young, smallpox was rampant. Nobody fought about getting vaccinated and now it is nonexistent. I don’t understand all of the resistance to something that can obliterate this terrible epidemic.

          1. Sue

            A true idiot. There have been more civid deaths under Niden.

          2. Debra I’m with you…
            there’s no convincing these people who are so gaslit and drunk with delusions there’s no recovery, unfortunately. Gravity doesn’t exist in their world. Frightening.

      4. Kim

        The majority of folks who got monoclonal treatments in Florida were vaccinated. Thank goodness our state doesn’t discriminate against them and they were treated. How can you be so mean? We could say if you’re jabbed any repercussions from it shouldn’t be treated. Shame on those who wish others ill health. It’s like the jab made liberals even nastier.

      5. joe

        Make sure you get that 3rd shot in less then a year because the first 2 didnt work very well — Vaxx the new crack for crazy people

        1. Candy

          Best comment so far!!!
          My husband and literally laughed out loud. Vax the new crack for crazy people!!! That should be the new slogan!!!

    3. Chris B

      The shot never was going to be the bulletproof answer against covid. People will stil get it its just if you are unvaccinated then most likely people will tell you “r.i.p” I read stories of people that refused the shot because they believed some internet tin foil hat information and then the next thing they know they’re on their death bed and at that point they decide they want the shot and the nurse tells them “im sorry but its too late now” Next thing they finally meet their maker. Its all up to the individual.

      1. Kim

        And there are those who are severely injured or die from the jab. I’ve seen many who wish they didn’t get jabbed. It’s Russian roulette either way.

      2. joe

        Over 40mil in the USA survived just fine

        1. Common sense

          Bingo.there are lots of folks who actually never got sick. Who continued to live normal lives, wore masks, washed their hands, went to work, got a vaccine or passed on it, live in Florida, are dem or republican… and are fine.

  4. Stephanie Pena

    Governor De Santis is an OG…I hope he runs for President, get that crew in there now …OUT! I love our Governor, Gov.Abbott as well. Medicine should always be a choice! What most people do not realize is there are thousands and thousands of people who refuse all vaccinations, thousands who are in schools today. It is just never publicized. Hopefully, Disney drops its masking by Christmas! They know it is not helping anyone.

  5. Cindy

    The majority of people getting covid are those who are NOT vaccinated.

    Floridians who were not vaccinated stressed the hospital systems during the peak of the delta surge because 90% of their COVID-19 patients were unvaccinated. It’s rare that someone who is fully vaccinated dies of COVID-19. It is the vaccine prevents the spread!! We could be turning a corner here but based on this article, Florida is never going to recover.

    1. Sue

      That is NOT true!. In Florida 99% of covid hospitalizations for adults and 100% for children are fully vaccinated.

      1. Jordan

        lol, says he’s wrong but spouts utter nonsense without even a ounce of evidence to back up this load of bull. Stop spreading miss information.

  6. Kenr

    Many of our government officials, both elected and not have been using Covid-19 as an excuse to exert control over people, spend money, and as an excuse for their poor job performance for what they really should be doing. While I made a personal choice to get vaccinated, I do not think it’s anyone’s business who does and who does not. The same goes for masking. People are responsible for themselves as to what they do, where they go, how they drive, eat, sleep, etc…. The government, Disney, and the media need to stop there assault on individual rights. The people wishing death or illness on others are crazy, vile, kooks.

    1. Glad you got vaxxed. That’s good for society.
      While personal freedoms are wonderful, any one person’s individual rights must be tempered when their choices start negatively affecting other people. That’s why it’s not ok to yell FIRE in a crowded theater.
      Everyone who ‘chooses’ not to participate in what’s best for the collective society simply shouldn’t be part of one. They should move to an island. And stay there. Alone.
      (btw, appreciated the irony of your last point…given the fact that those who wander around unmasked & unvaxxed may very well be delivering illness & death upon others, even if they’re not aware that that’s what’s happening. This COVID crisis has made it very clear of the divide: each person is either a responsible, decent & unselfish member of society. or they’re NOT).

      1. Sue

        Stop repeating the crap that comes out of MSM. Everything you said NOT true.
        Collective society is code for communism. And, the rights of the individual ALWAYS comes first.

        1. Jordan

          How about you stop spouting nonsense. You sound crazy…

  7. Science is a thing, and truth is truth. Not sure what planet people are on, but if you believe DeSantis just did a good thing for Florida, you’re apparently A-ok with prolonging the streak of death & destruction that COVID brings. Your governor is delusional and a danger to society. It’s unconscionable to punish those who are putting reasonable measures in place to PROTECT their staff & guests. Vaccinations work, people. That’s why you all haven’t gotten measles, polio, tetanus, & various other scourges of the past. Pointing to one or two occasional breakthrough infections or even deaths of a few folks who had been vaccinated TELLS YOU NOTHING. you need to look at the entire body of work. The statistics over time will show the true picture. Getting vaxxed is many magnitudes better than avoiding the shots…at least if you want to stay alive AND contribute in society by NOT becoming a vector. All unvaxxed folks are much easier for the virus to infect and hence they become vectors for further transmissions. Therein lies the problem. The more infections, the more risk of mutations that can lead to even stronger variants than delta …perhaps ones that won’t even be reined in by the current vaccinations.. And THEN smart people…we are ALL back to square one. Is that what you want? I hope so, because from your comments on this thread that’s what you’ll get. A worsening situation that will bring down society for more years to come. We are all only as strong as our weakest link. and from what I see the chain is breaking all over the place right now. ;/

    1. joe

      HAHAHA 3 shots in less then a year and you are still verbatim repeating what they want — Vaxx the new crack

    2. Sue

      You are the one who is a danger to society because all you do is repeat the lies.

      1. You have zero evidence for your claims and spew absolute hogwash. I have nothing else to say to someone who has swallowed all the conspiracy theories and bu****it hook, line and sinker. You cannot be helped. Simply this… I do hope you recover from your lobotomy. Good luck.

  8. Don

    For a very intelligent man. He sure is bent on killing as many constituents as he can. Allowing unvaccinated to mingle with vaccinated is how the Delta variant can about. Please someone come forward and stop this guy.

    1. Sue

      Wrong again. The Delta variant came from the vaccinated.

    2. Agree with that sentiment Don. It’s insanity.

  9. Bob

    In 2022, Medical Insurance Premiums may double for unvaccinated people. This will be a choice by insurance companies and will force a personal choice by the unvaccinated.

    1. Sue

      Which should NOT be allowed.
      If congress would have gotten out of the way Trump was going to make medical insurance better and cheaper for everyone.

      1. your “research” is apparently from scrolling around on social media. The only thing tRump did was destroy everything he touched. He’s a two bit con and if you don’t see that you’ve been zombified by him and his clownshow of sycophants.

  10. Sue

    Do you research vaccine doesn’t work. If it did what are so many vaccinated people get sick. Bc if the vaccine. The only co that made a million dollar profit is a drug co this year. I love our governor he has some brains unlike the people that are in the Oval Office. But if people believe in the vaccine more power to you. But don’t blame or call someone out Bc the don’t believe in it. . And do t force someone to take a vaccine either. This is not China. But I’m sure old joe who like it to be. But it not. And for all you Democrats and liberals that believe good for you. Let’s see how you health is in a year from now. If you do t have some kinda of heart problems or you young kid has a heart issue Bc of this vaccine.

    1. Jordan

      How about you do some research instead of whatever it is you did to come to this conclusion that vaccines don’t work? Good lord, I can’t tell if you are crazy or a troll :/

  11. Cathy Thelen

    Thanks Governor DeSantis! We appreciate that your are setting the standard for not backing down.

  12. KenG

    While I think everyone who can get the Covid Vac should (I just got my booster), I am 100% AGAINST ANY MANDATE!

    Yes , I am for the early childhood vaccines (mumps, etc)…. But when it come to adults no government or workplace should mandate that!

    Do we mandate a flu vaccine when some years nearly 70,000 folks die of it in the US alone? NO!

    Do we mandate the meningitis vaccine is highly contagious and can be deadly, mainly to teens? NO!

    So why this? And what happens next time when there is some other virus? Another vaccine? NO!

    1. Sue

      Children should NEVER be vaccinated. They don’t need it. It’s why so many adults are ill now.

      1. and your evidence for this is……??
        Honestly, you’re so confused it’s scary.

  13. Candy

    Best governor ever! He believes in true science and provides treatments to help those who do unfortunately get sick! It’s very obvious that the masks, lockdowns, vax mandates don’t work! If they did then Comifornias numbers would be half of Florida and not the other way around!
    Also why the heck do those who recovered from the virus need to get the vax? Makes absolute 0 scientific sense! I got covid earlier this year in the most locked down state, Comifornia! After we recovered we moved to Florida, rarely wear a mask, the state is open, people are living their lives, and we have gone to WDW almost every weekend since moving here! Sunshine and fresh air are good for you! Lockdowns and mandates not good for you! People in these comments that are wishing I’ll on others or saying well I hope you don’t seek medical attention when you get sick or I won’t cry at your funeral or your selfish if you don’t get the vax, or your the reason why this pandemic is still going blah blah blah are obviously wrong in the head. Especially if you wish I’ll on anyone. Also it’s obvious you don’t follow what is truly going on and only follow what the media is telling you, or you would see what’s truly going on. That the vax doesn’t work and neither do the mandates or the lockdowns.

  14. KenR

    Kendra, There is no irony in my last sentence. Any person that wishes illness and death on another for not sharing the same belief has a mental illness and is just sick. No irony in that statement. Life is filled with disease, illness, and other man made deadly situations. Covid is NEVER going away no matter how much you mask and vaccinate. Covid-19 actual science has taught us that the vast majority survive and recover. We have learned that it can be spread by vaccinated individuals, and that masking and lock-downs do not effect the trajectory of its spread. Compare Michigan Covid numbers in April 2021 when mask mandates were in place, children not in schools, and restaurants, arenas, and theatres were all closed down. Yet Michigan was the epicenter. Compare New York and California to Texas and Florida. Virtually no differences. We don’t ban alcohol, cigarettes, vape, recreational marijuana, or even texting; all of which can kill and destroy families on a much greater scale than Covid-19. Those who feel the need to control others and believe incorrectly that it is more deadly than actually it is, need to themselves, shelter in place and not go to amusement parks and cruise ships (or work at them either). These places are for those without the fear and are willing to assume risk. The majority of the Covid deaths are from old people over 70 with serious comorbidities. That is a fact that and makes the number of deaths attributed solely to Covid completely suspect.

    1. My statement stands; the irony exists. You make a point of others who wish ill on others are depraved (I agree) BUT then you posit that getting a vaccine is a personal choice. so by extension, then you’re A-ok with people walking around all over the place without being vaxed (or masked as FL is FL)…WHICH MEANS exactly what I said. These people ARE at times spreading illness and death on others BECAUSE of their choices. Whether this is unintentional doesn’t matter. The result is the same. They are vectors for disease and death. Those are the facts. Therein lies the irony…these people may not honestly wish ill on others, but they are causing it.
      And on your other comparisons, those are all false equivalences. none of those (booze, cigarettes, pot etc) are airborne & contagious. Looks like you’re in the camp with Kellyanne Conway…listening to some ‘alternative facts’…

  15. Ken Brenner

    First, it would be nice if we’d be respectful of the differing opinions – we’re divided enough with Biden being office.
    Next, the nice thing about a free country is the ability to have a choice. The CDC has provided lots of information about Covid. We have so many information sources that we can turn to in learning about the illness and shots.
    Let people use that information and make their own decisions.
    Now, my opinion:
    Let people make their own choice.
    97+ % of those that get Covid survive, most I know of did not go to the hospital.
    As for the shots: my grandson (nurse, age 22) got the first shot and he got very sick, and missed months of work. His doctor said do NOT get any more shots. Even the CDC admits males under 30 are having issues (forget the term), which my grandson had.
    I am 69, supposedly at risk. I’ve taken the 2 shots, takes lots of helpful vitamins (including elderberry gummies), and stay in shape to hike. I will not take any more shots, and will not go back to Disney (an annual visitor) until all mask mandates go away. It is my choice and my responsibility if I get sick.
    Regardless, God Bless all…

  16. Sue

    I love Governor DeSantis and I’m grateful for this new law. But, 1) he is not the first Governor to sign this type of law and 2) it does not go far enough. The Governor of Tennessee signed a better law – no vaccine mandates by any entity, no masking and no testing as well as no vaccine passports. This is the law we need everywhere. What DeSantis signed still creates a two tier society.

  17. karilyn johnson

    Ron DeSantis is amazing! He is really here to support the residents of Florida. So glad our state is looking out for us, when the federal government isn’t.

  18. Bonnie

    There goes Florida’s tourism industry. My big wedding anniversary this spring WAS going to be celebrated in Florida. We are now going elsewhere. And I’m sure we are not the only ones.

  19. John W

    Nice to know people with no intelligence get supported by electors. I just hope everybody who gets Covid-19 who is on a respirator at the hospital dying in the ICU after not taking a vaccine because of the governor’s law can appreciate how stupid they were not to take the vaccine that could have saved their lives.

    ” Ignorance is Strength” –
    Ministry of Truth, from the book 1984 by George Orwell.

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